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Will Donald Trump lose the presidential election to Joe Biden in the United States?

Right Now Times : My initial opinion about Joe Biden, who was involved in the race for the US presidential election, was that the weaknesses that Biden faced in getting the presidential candidacy from the Democratic Party were the same weaknesses for him. Will help win the presidential election.

At a time when the Democratic Party’s inclination seemed to be on the left side, Biden’s practical approach finding a middle ground would prove beneficial for the party. 

Right Now Times : Hard-hat voters (mainly labor society voters) from the US Rust Belt (areas known for steel factories and the working class population living there) and Starbucks coffee houses in the suburbs of some states are fond of drinking coffee. Biden will not take harmful women. Their lack of able to mobilize the crowd is also not a complete hindrance.

In this photo of the year 2014, Joe Biden in White House
Right Now Times : In this photo of the year 2014, Joe Biden in White House

Right Now Times : Many American voters want a President who is known for his quiet nature after Trump’s aggressiveness.

Biden’s friendly nature has been his real strength and his grin has been his philosophy in a way.

Right Now Times : There is a political atmosphere in which voters often vote on the basis of who will do less harm after coming to power. The feeling of hating the opponent more than the support for the candidate within the party can also go in favor of Biden’s image. In such a situation, it will be difficult to say Biden’s image of a hating leader.

Conditionally, they are far from Hillary Clinton in terms of polarization whose negative aspects made it easy for Trump to become president in 2016.

Joe Biden

Weak in speech

Right Now Times : I went to Iowa and New Hampshire to attend Biden’s rallies, where I was stunned to see that 77-year-old Biden was not tolerant of his speech.

His speeches carried the form of long monologues reminding him of his Senate days. Sometimes he used to name his colleagues during his tenure as Vice President. But nothing political came out of his examples and stories.

When he talked about saving the soul of America, he never explicitly stated what he actually meant.

Right Now Times : Despite this, he would be seen with his familiar smile. But he used to come across as a person who was seeing a ray of hope in times of negativity.

I have been reporting on American politics for the last 30 years, but in the race for the country’s largest post, I found it to be the weakest candidate. In 2016, he appeared to be a worse candidate than Jeb Bush who was out of the presidential race.

Right Now Times : Former Florida governor Jeb Bush would have at least completed his talk, whether or not someone praised him after he finished his talk.

After finishing fourth and fifth in the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses, many thought that the time had come when Joe Biden would take his life off aviator spectacles and depart from political life.

The results of the initial primaries for Joe Biden were not encouraging.
Right Now Times : The results of the initial primaries for Joe Biden were not encouraging.

New birth in political world

Right Now Times : But it was far from goodbye to Biden who moved to South Carolina where the Democratic Party’s influential black congressman Jim Cliburn and the support of African-American society sparked a new life in his political life.

Moderate-level rivals such as Pete Buttigig and Amy Klobuchar supported Trump as he walked out of the race as he felt that Trump could meet the challenges faced by Bernie Sanders.

Right Now Times : Seeing the danger of Bernie Sanders becoming a Democratic Party nominee at one time, he immediately took the step and thought that Joe Biden could avoid the danger of Bernie Senders coming to power and prove to be a strong leader.

A few days later, on the occasion of Super Tuesday, Biden’s account had many successes. Some political experts have expressed surprise that Biden has won in the provinces where he did not even participate in the election campaign.

Right Now Times : But perhaps the opposite of this was true. It is possible that the places where Biden got success was probably because he was absent in those places.

Joe Boiden
Right Now Times

Could have been more damaging

Right Now Times : I learned here from Iowa and New Hampshire that the more American voters see them, the less their chances of voting for them.

After this Covid-19 proved to be a boon for his candidature like lockdown. Biden has spent the last few months in the basement of his home in Delaware and has given him the boon of disappearing from people in a way.

Right Now Times : The social distancing rules imposed due to Corona almost put an end to a controversy that had a bad effect on his election campaign. This dispute was about Biden’s touching women in a wrong way.

Right Now Times : The important thing is that the era of Corona epidemic has stopped the war of ideology in the Democratic Party in a way. Unity between Biden and Bernie Sanders has begun to appear, leaving no room for leftists. Under this, the promises being made to citizens include Universal Healthcare, Green New Deal, and polarization-enhancing issues such as the closure of the Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency and the illegal border crossing out of the category of crime.

There is no doubt that Biden will not get some percentage of the votes of the progressive group, which includes the youth especially. But the experts who are running their campaign believe that this deficiency will be overcome by the elderly, most of whom are retired. Many of them have been supporters of Trump before.

Right Now Times : This voter group of older people not only votes more than other age groups, but it is also the most at risk due to Corona epidemic.

It seems that Biden had started to falter for candidacy, but the Corona virus epidemic has given him political antibodies in a way that can protect him against his shortcomings.

In this 1972 photo, Joe Biden with his first wife Neelia and son Hunter
Right Now Times : In this 1972 photo, Joe Biden with his first wife Neelia and son Hunter

Their own tragic story in sad times

Right Now Times : The sad story of Biden’s personal life is also becoming a topic of discussion in the midst of elections in this era of grief-filled Corona. Shortly after winning the Senate election in 1972, Biden lost his wife Neelia and their 13-month-old baby girl Naomi in a car accident.

Biden’s son Beau survived the car accident. In 2015, he died of a rare brain cancer.

Right Now Times : Biden is naturally a sympathetic figure. Looking at his own life, it is known that he is in the same place where there are one lakh forty thousand other families of America who have recently lost their loved ones due to Corona virus.

The aggressive accusations that Trump has campaigned so far – claims of old age, accusations of leaning towards the extreme left, and accusations of agreeing to cut police spending for good relations with Bernie Sanders, have been damaging to Biden’s tactics so far Have not been proved At the same time, Biden has been constantly targeting Trump’s tenure and the decisions taken during this period.

Right Now Times : Incumbency in America has been generally beneficial for the ruling party. Since 1980, only one President, George Herbert Walker Bush, had failed to win a re-election.

In the years following the war, ie, between 1945 and 1980, Dwight D. Ansenhower was the only president to complete both his terms. In this period, voters also showed Gerard Ford and Jimmy Carter the way out of power. But President Trump’s bad administration during the epidemic has deprived him of the benefits of incumbency.

Continue to search for alternatives

Right Now Times : Incumbency and a strong economy are almost guaranteed to be electoral victories. In the year 1992, Bush Sr.’s election campaign fell victim to the economy going towards reservation because the economy could not get back on track till Election Day. The Corona epidemic has also devastated the economy. Experts believe that because of this, America has suffered the biggest economic blow after The Great Depression.

Till now, the voters who pointed to their flourishing 4 lakh retirement plans justified their support for a president whose behavior he disliked, they are also looking for alternatives at this time. According to election estimates, many people have already discovered new options.

Right Now Times : White voters who allegedly did not get college education and supporters of Trump have been their big vote bank. This group also seems to be avoiding the trump.

At the beginning of the year among these voters, Trump was looking ahead with a lead of 31 points, but recently he has lost ten points. According to estimates, the way the administration acted on the racist protests that followed the alleged assassination of George Floyd, a large number of white voters do not agree.

Right Now Times : They also do not agree with Trump’s strict law and order stance during this period. This stance of Trump looks like Richard Nixon’s 1968 election campaign, before which there was a period of racial violence.

It may be that Trump has overlooked a big discrepancy between that time and the present day. Nixon was not president in 1968.

In this photo of the year 2015, Joe Biden with his son Beau.  Beau died of cancer.
Right Now Times : In this photo of the year 2015, Joe Biden with his son Beau. Beau died of cancer.

Elections are often offered as an option from which you have to choose between change or continuity. But in Biden’s case, it is such that he presents a common combination of these two options to the voters.

Eight out of ten Americans who participate in the polls believe that the country is going in the wrong direction and Biden is promising to get it on the right path. Therefore, Biden is presenting himself as a carrier of change.

Right Now Times : But by promising to work as a traditional president, he talks about following the rules that previous presidents have also followed. In this way they are also presenting themselves as carriers of continuity. He is presenting himself as an improvement in the series that is breaking the trump.

Political information is going on carefully

Right Now Times : Learning from the wrong predictions made in 2016 about elections, political experts want to avoid speculating this time. He is not predicting the completion or not of the President’s time because he does not want the assessment to be proved wrong. To some extent, this precaution is also right.

As soon as Biden walks out of his basement and meets people directly, he will have a keen eye on people. Reporters who write exhausted election campaigns like ‘Trouble in Trump’ will not hold back from presenting Biden’s wrong move in a dramatic and entertaining manner.

Donald trump

Right Now Times : After this, there are also difficulties of the Electoral College, which means that even after losing the popular vote, Donald Trump can get a second term, as it was in the year 2016. We also cannot rule out the possibility that elections may be disputed and reach the court door.

In the US, the public directly elects candidates for presidential elections, but the President and the Vice President are not directly elected by the public. They are elected through a process called electoral college in which a group of chosen electors chooses.

Right Now Times : Certainly, Trump cannot be sidelined easily because he is the president who has survived the most number of accidents than any other president.

However, his wounds have deepened in the last four years and the epidemic has presented more challenges for him. Apart from this, such people who had been supporting the trumps till now, are also tired of their escape methods, claims, distorting the truth and habits of humiliation.

Right Now Times : This election has now become a Covid election. Now it is the weakness of the President that is showing Joe Biden in a strong position.

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