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Why is Bolivia’s sexworkers using Raincourt

In the Latin American country Bolivia, many sex workers say that she is returning to her work, but for safety, she is using gloves, blich and transparent raincourt.

She says that she is doing so on the suggestions of the Organization of Night Workers of Bolivia (OTN-B), an organization working for sexworkers and this will help them stay safe.

Body trade is legal in Bolivia, but only in licensed brothels, with many regulations allowing it.

Due to Corona epidemic, lockdown was implemented here in March but now they have been exempted.

But there are still many restrictions on sex workers during the day and curfew continues at night.

Vanessa is also a sex worker who has two children. She says that she needs to work for the education of her children.

She says, “Our customers take care of the matters of safety. They understand that the precautions we are taking are necessary not only for us but also for their safety.”


Another sex worker, Antoniata, says that she is using paper face mask, plastic curtain, gloves and raincourt.

She also sprinkles blich on those poles for sanitization while dancing in front of her clients in the brothel.

She says, “With bio-safe suits we will be able to do our work and will also be safe.”

The OTN-B people had met officials of the Health Ministry last month and had also handed them a 30-page manual on sex workers to be safe.

So far, 50,000 corona infects have been confirmed in Bolivia and so far around 1900 people have died.

Last week, Bolivia’s interim President Jeanine Anez Chavez tweeted that she too had become corona infected.

But concern is being raised that there are not much corona tests in Bolivia. Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America.

Statistics show that the lowest corona test is being done here on a population of 1 million.


But it cannot be compared to the neighboring country Brazil, where Corona has had a great impact. So far there have been about two million people infected and more than 75 thousand people have died.

Lily Courts, a member of the sex workers’ union in Bolivia, says that this is a very difficult time for everyone, but their threat has increased due to the ban on women.

She says, “We are also part of Bolivian society. We are sex workers, women, aunts and grandmothers, we also worry about our work hours. But unfortunately sex workers are on the streets for work Will have to come out and its result will be very bad. “

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