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Who is the next mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Amr Farouk, a researcher specializing in the affairs of Islamic groups, said that the “Muslim Brotherhood” group in Egypt had received a painful blow by the arrest of Mahmoud Ezzat and is now looking for an alternative.

In an interview with RT, Farouk said, “Acting guide Mahmoud Ezzat, who was on the run for seven full years, was the dynamo and engine of many of the sabotage and armed terrorist acts that the Egyptian country witnessed.”

He pointed out that “the group is currently experiencing a stage of organizational latency, or what is called, according to the group’s literature, the strategy of Dar Al-Arqam, or even the movement cells, which are employed in achieving organizational goals.”

He added, “The group is currently witnessing a temporary organizational vacuum in light of the presence of the guide and his deputies inside the prison, as well as a large number of influential leaders of the group, which means that the group will ignite conflicts and disputes over the fate of managing power and money files.”

It is expected, according to the researcher, that “within the next few hours, the Brotherhood will announce to the public opinion, Khalifa Mahmoud Ezzat, through an official statement, to block the way on many fronts and parties wishing to seize the position, and as a reassuring message for the organizational rules inside and outside Egypt that the group is still able to Continuation”.

 It is likely that the priest of the new temple will not deviate from the leaders of the Qutb movement that has dominated the scene and the joints of the group since the seventies of the last century, and from the leaders who were involved in the issue of the organization (65) founded by Sayed Qutb, and then he is considered the most important candidate for this position and meets the conditions The Qutb movement, they are, Muhammad al-Buhairi, who is currently residing in London, and is considered the main arm of Mahmoud Ezzat abroad, and accused No. (25) in the case of the organization of Sayyid Qutb, and Mustafa’s student is well-known, and he has broad support from the Brotherhood’s organizational rules, and he is known as a movement leader, and he was responsible About many external files commissioned by the Guidance Office, and some claimed that he was the group’s secret guide during the last stage.Who is a group guide Mohammed Al-Buhairi

In addition to Ibrahim Mounir, the defendant No. (30) in the second group of the organization (65), the deputy guide of the Brotherhood and the Secretary General of the International Organization, and he absolutely controls the London office, and various economic and financial projects of the organization abroad.Who is a group guide Ibrahim Mounir

In addition to them, Youssef Nada, the financial emperor of the Brotherhood, and the former commissioner for international affairs and external relations for the international organization, and accused No. (44) in the third group of organization (65), and lives between the Italian and Swiss borders.Who is a group guide Youssef Nada

It is likely that Mahmoud Hussein, the Secretary-General of the group, will be excluded according to many considerations, the most important of which is that he is not a leader in the organization (65), although he is a student of Mustafa Mashhour, but he does not enjoy respect for organizational rules and is involved in severe disputes with the leaders of the fleeing Brotherhood in Turkey over the embezzlement of funds. Then, the coming hours will witness an attempt of consultations between the influential leaders and the leaders of the international organization regarding the announcement of the priest of the new Brotherhood temple, according to researcher Amr Farouk.

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