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Whatsapp is preparing for a radical change, it carries good news!

WhatsApp has begun providing multi-device support for beta testers on Android and iPhone, allowing users to log into the app on several smart devices.

And support testing for multiple devices will begin in the near future, claimed WABetaInfo, which is browsing the latest beta versions of the chat app, to see what teams are working on in WhatsApp, and has a proven track record of predicting upcoming new features.

This measure will allow “WhatsApp” users to use the application on several smartphones, at the same time. It also paves the way for the Facebook-owned chat application to support new device categories, including Android tablets and iPad

And it has been a long time since the support for multiple devices, and hints emerged that “WhatsApp” is looking to allow users to send and receive text messages from two or more smartphones, or smartphones and tablets, for the first time in March.

Messages, videos, files and voice memos will be synced between devices. This was one of the biggest disappointments of keeping all of your WhatsApp conversations – it’s impossible to switch easily between devices.

And unlike iMessage or Facebook Messenger, or almost any other messaging service, it’s hard to send a text message from your smartphone, pick up a tablet to join a video call, and then respond in a group chat from your laptop. All of these quirks are due to the fact that WhatsApp accounts are linked to your phone number.

Using the service on a device without a SIM card – such as a laptop or desktop – is not possible at this time.

WhatsApp users who have access to the latest beta app will soon be able to test the company’s solution to this. WABetaInfo unveiled a new ‘Settings’ option with a toggle switch, allowing you to register early. Once you register for multiple device support, WhatsApp will allow you to link additional devices to your account, using another new option in the settings menu.

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