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Washington imposes restrictions on exports to a Chinese company

Yesterday, Saturday, the Washington Post reported that the US authorities have imposed restrictions on the export of technological products to the Chinese company SMIC, which specializes in the production of semiconductors.

According to a document from the US Department of Commerce, published by the newspaper, it is now necessary for US companies to obtain special licenses from the country’s authorities in order to be able to export certain types of products to SMIC.

This system will remain in effect as long as “the activities of SMIC and its subsidiaries are evaluated by the US government”.

Earlier, Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gove said, in an interview with TASS, that the US authorities are studying the possibility of including SMIC in the blacklist.

Before that, Reuters reported that the Pentagon had proposed to blacklist SMIC, claiming that this company had links with the Chinese armed forces.

So far, more than 275 Chinese companies have been blacklisted. This severely limits its ability to purchase high-tech equipment from the United States.

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