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UK: ‘Consensual excuse for violent sex will not be used as defense’: RightNow times

RightNow times: A UK Minister of Justice has told MPs that the proposed domestic violence law has outlawed any excuse for “violent sex” by mutual consent as a defense or defense in murder cases. Will go

Alex Chalk said it was “unconscionable” in defense to justify the woman’s death by saying that she had “consented” to it.

He said the Domestic Violence Bill would “clearly” state that it was not acceptable.

It should be noted that the proposed bill will become law this year.

RightNow times: The “We Can’t Consent to This” campaign, which called for the abolition of such a defense, called the statement “a significant development”. Is.

The group that runs the campaign says that using the excuse of “violent sex” results in lesser punishment in such cases.

RightNow times: Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The We Can’t Consent to This campaign has looked for examples of 60 women who died during sex in the UK since 1972.

Domestic violence

RightNow times: The group claims that in 45% of cases, “murder cases” were not punished less than the severity of the crime or that the incidents were not investigated as crimes.

The group also said that there were 114 women who had to go to court because they were claimed to have agreed to use violence or beatings during sex.

RightNow times: Violent acts in such cases include drowning, beating, strangling and suffocating your partner during sexual intercourse.

Speaking on the Public Bill Committee, British MP Jess Phillips said: “Everyone should be clear about this law. You cannot consent to an injury or death, but the law is effective.

RightNow times: “A woman who has died cannot talk about herself and any man who is accused of killing a woman will say that she (the woman) wanted it,” he added.

“That’s why we need to change this law,” he said.

RightNow times: Alex Chalk, responding on behalf of the government, said: “It is a great shame for those who defend themselves to say that the death of a woman was legal or justified or that she should be legally defended. Maybe because the woman agreed to engage in a sexual act that involved torture and violence to get more sexual satisfaction.

‘ Unforgivable  defense

RightNow times: He said he would make this clear in the proposed draft domestic violence law, but was concerned that the language or wording of the amendment would allow defense lawyers to “go back and forth”. ۔

He said that the government’s point of view should be clarified at the stage of report of the draft law after which the bill would be brought in the parliament. Jesse Phillips said he was satisfied with the government’s assurance.

RightNow times: The We Can’t Consist to Do This group says what happened in Parliament is a big step forward. He added that he should know in a few weeks what his proposals are and how much progress has been made on them.

Earlier this month, in a question-and-answer session with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, opposition lawmaker Laura Fayers said the government had played a key role in tackling the issue of domestic violence, but also stressed that One of the negative or unfortunate aspects of domestic violence that still needs to be addressed is the excuse of violent sex as an excuse.

RightNow times: In response, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was committed to making the law clear and transparent and that such an excuse was unacceptable and unforgivable.

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