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Twitter and Trump talked about each other: the causes and consequences of the “US President’s post being reviewed” RightNowTimes

Right Now Times: For the first time in history, social media tweets have labeled the “True Verification” of US President Trump ’s tweets to remind the audience that this post may be misleading.

In the West, Twitter is the equivalent of Weibo in mainland China, and no one knows it or knows it. But Trump can be regarded as a “nuclear bomb” fan of Twitter.

Why did the two sides fight? What are the possible consequences and effects?

Trump's post was marked with a blue exclamation mark on Twitter

Twitter: Please check the facts

Right Now Times: After all, the reason for the quarrel was a word, and Twitter reminded readers to check the truth (of Trump’s post).

Trump tweeted on the evening of the 26th that mailing votes may cause “serious fraud” and lead to “election manipulation.”

Right Now Times: Twitter put a blue exclamation mark below this post to remind the audience “please inquire about the facts about mailing ballots”, and lead the reader to the relevant news report page through the link.

These reports came from multiple media outlets such as CNN and the Washington Post. They reported that Trump’s statement about mailing ballots was “unfounded.”

Trump: stifling free speech

Trump profile picture in May 2020

Right Now Times: Twitter annotated Trump’s post and was interpreted as exposing the US President’s lies and misleading public opinion.

Right Now Times: The move angered Trump. He posted a series of counterattacks, accusing Twitter of “interfering with the November 2020 election” and “strangling free speech. I, as the President of the United States, absolutely do not allow this to happen.”Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!

Earlier this month, Twitter began implementing a new policy that marked or provided warnings about false and misleading information about the new coronavirus.

Twitter also said at the time that in the future it might expand the label of fact verification to other issues.


What does President Zhu mean to Twitter?

Twitter and Trump

Right Now Times: In short: this is just to try the water. How deep and fast is the water? There should be more “good shows” behind.

Trump is a loyal fan of Twitter, having quarreled with other political figures and celebrities on this platform. Now I have played against Twitter itself.

Trump said that as the president of the United States, he would never allow Twitter to “suffocate freedom of speech.” However, Twitter is a “private enterprise” and has the right to formulate rules and regulations on its own platform.

The trouble with Twitter is that, in the eyes of many people, until “exposing Trump”, it seems that Twitter has not applied its own rules and regulations to the US president and other world leaders.

Many of Trump’s remarks on Twitter, in the view of many people, if they are replaced by other powerless and powerful people, they may have been “blackened” by Twitter.

However, Trump’s “big mouth” and torrential “Lei language” that many commentators refer to is also one of the reasons why he has attracted more than 80 million fans to the Twitter platform. Twitter must not be willing to lose so many users.

Perhaps Twitter ’s original intention was to achieve a balance through the newly introduced labeling system: not only to allow users, including the US president, to speak freely, but also to provide readers with protection from misleading false information.

This label has been shown to be effective on posts about the new coronavirus. However, the United States will hold general elections in November, and Twitter may be unable to escape the problem of the proliferation of false information on the platform.

This time with Trump, this may be the first time the social media giant has tested the water, but this is also the first test for it.


Who has the headache of “ruling the country by Twitter”?

China and the United States

Right Now Times: As for Trump, will he “think twice” when he picks up his phone in the future? The answer to this question is probably only known to him.


Since entering the White House, Trump’s ruling style has been described as “tweeting the country.” He has 80 million followers on Twitter, and there are often dozens of tweets per day: a total of 52,000 posts have been posted since he took office.

Right Now Times: Every aspect of the post, from bragging about having a bigger nuclear button than Kim Jong-un, to being brother-in-law with Xi Jinping, to the fundamental national policy of US internal and foreign affairs, to daily trivia, and forwarding other people ’s videos and comments, are all-inclusive.


Some British media commentators once described it as Trump who made Twitter. It turns out that Twitter is just a “junior” in many social media. After Trump became president, he gave Twitter a unique mission: to help the most powerful person on the planet control the global news agenda!

However, some people think that Twitter has made Trump a success. Because of the many media formats, only Twitter’s “bandwidth” (referring to short and casual tweets, more limited audience attention, etc.) is most suitable for Trump’s ruling style. Twitter has become Trump’s “office” inseparable Tool of.

Right Now Times: However, the President’s thunder on Twitter has repeatedly ridiculed and even caused political turmoil. It is estimated that the above situation is definitely difficult for the press officer of the White House, and the president ’s mobile phone cannot be confiscated to let him “shut up”. The only possible way is to pay close attention to it at any time, and if any tweet is found to be inappropriate, it will be an emergency “fire fighting”.


In fact, in addition to the White House news team and Twitter, Trump’s post also made many other people “headache”.

For example, in the financial market, his tweets about sensitive policies will trigger fluctuations in the stock market and interest rates. Would n’t this be a trader?

Right Now Times: As another example, in the mainstream news media industry, Trump’s posts often make people feel a dilemma: it is difficult to report, not to report. It is difficult to check both the background and the data. It is difficult to think carefully and avoid becoming a megaphone for false information. However, if you do not report, what if you miss the big news frequently? What about credibility?

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