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Turki Al-Faisal talks about the dimensions of the Emirati “surprise” and defeats it against the “sabotage trio”!

Prince Turki Al-Faisal, the former head of Saudi intelligence, published an article on the agreement to establish relations between the UAE and Israel, describing it as a surprise.

The veteran Saudi prince wrote in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, “The United Arab Emirates surprised us by concluding an agreement with the United States of America and Israel to establish relations between it and Israel.

Turki Al-Faisal talks about Abaad

Al-Faisal pointed out that the UAE affirms that its decision “stems from the principle of state sovereignty in taking the decision in which it sees an interest for itself and its people, and this is its right in all circumstances.”

The former head of Saudi intelligence quoted the Emirates as stipulating that the United States of America and Israel cease its annexation of the lands it announced that it would annex, which includes a third of what remains of the West Bank, in addition to what was previously annexed by Israel.

Turki Al-Faisal touched on “the controversy that has raged since the announcement of this agreement about what has been gained by the Arab Emirates, and what has won the Palestinian cause,” pointing out in this regard that there are “those who say: The suspension of annexation is temporary based on the word contained in the text of the agreement in the language.” English (suspend), and there are those who say that preventing annexation opens the way for a return to discussions and strengthens the principle of the two-state solution.

The Saudi prince criticized the position of the leaders of Qatar, Turkey and Iran regarding the agreement, describing these countries as the “trio of ruin”, and believed that the Palestinian leadership standing behind this “trio” in the accusations against the UAE “did not get rid of it previously, nor will it affect it later, except for empty slogans.”

Al-Faisal described the Turkish leadership as “the head of the typists since Turkey recognized Israel, until the agreement that its prime minister signed with the Israelis, in which he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

The former Saudi official pointed out that “the Turkish president says: he will withdraw his ambassador from the UAE, while his ambassador is relaxing and having fun in the spring of Zion, and hundreds of thousands of Israeli tourists are having fun in Turkey’s cabarets and bunkers, not to mention the military and intelligence cooperation existing between the two countries.”

As for the position of the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, Prince Turki al-Faisal asked: “Have we forgotten the cooperation of his predecessor and his access to Israeli weapons during the Iran-Iraq war? Do we forget that he directs his militias and missiles to kill Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, instead of Israel?” He is now threatening to invade the United Arab Emirates.

And on Qatar, he said that it has “only succeeded in insulting and cursing and paying royalties to the terrorists, both Shiites and Sunnis, and it sheds what God loved her country with in terms of the goodness of burning the green and the most in the Arab countries.”

The Saudi prince appealed to the Palestinian leadership, calling on it to preach “what is said by one of the most prominent leaders of the Fatah Democratic Reform Movement, Samir Al-Mashharawi, and Al-Jammi, the cynical and shameful among your citizens, and do not forget that the interests of the Palestinian people are with the state of the United Arab Emirates, which hosts more than three hundred Palestinians reap their wealth and enjoy her care for them. “

He continued addressing the Palestinian leadership by saying, “Then do not forget that you were normalized with Israel for more than a quarter of a century, and the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority is based on your recognition of Israel and an end to the state of war with it.”

Al-Faisal continued to defend the UAE warmly, noting that the leader of the largest country in the world would resort to it “in order to obtain from it what could be useful to him in his electoral endeavor, and on condition that he stop the annexation decision, which was part of the deal of the century, as described by that leader.” He agrees and puts his signature on him. ” 

Before concluding, Al-Faisal said: “In any case, if any Arab country is close to joining the United Arab Emirates, it must take the price in return, and it must be a dear one.”

In the last speech, he stressed that his country, Saudi Arabia, had set “the price for the completion of peace between Israel and the Arabs, which is the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, based on the initiative of the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.

Source: Middle East

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