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Trump’s comments about Biden and the protests in America are stirring up controversy

The statements of US President Donald Trump, which he made in an interview with “Fox News”, sparked widespread controversy in the American press and on social networking sites.

Some commentators considered Trump’s statements, made in his interview with journalist Laura Ingraham, who participated in his election campaign in support of him, as “strange” and controversial even compared to Trump’s other statements, as they are similar to “conspiracy theories.”

In his criticism of his rival in the upcoming presidential election, Joe Biden, Trump described him as a “weak person,” adding that Biden “does not control anything, rather he is under their control.”

In response to the journalist’s question about who is controlling Biden, Trump said: “They are people you have never heard of. The people who are in the shadows,” adding that they are “the people who control the streets.”

Thugs aboard a plane bound for Washington

Trump added to the mystery, as he talked about a plane that was heading to Washington during the Republican National Convention, with “thugs” on board.

In this regard, he said, “There were some people on a plane from a certain city last weekend and this plane was carrying thugs in black uniform and they had equipment and everything.”

Trump refused to reveal more details about the alleged thugs or the city from which the plane took off, saying that an investigation was underway, and they were intending “to cause significant damage.”

Commentators and journalists questioned the veracity of these statements by Trump, pointing out that his speech resembles the rumors that circulated on “Facebook” about a month ago about “thugs.”

Trump compares police violence to golf

Speaking about the protests and violence in American cities, which witnessed a new momentum after the black citizen Jacob Blake was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where federal security was deployed to impose order and stop the violence, Trump said, “The police are under siege now.”

He added that the police may do “10,000 good deeds” before there is an incident of violence by the police, “such as during a golf match when someone fails to hit the hole.”

Trump also defended his use of aggressive language in his statements and in his tweets on “Twitter,” saying that he was “obliged” to do so, because “in the midst of a sea of ​​unqualified and stupid people,” as he put it.

Source: The Guardian

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