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Trump is proud of his country owning a hypersonic “Super Popper” missile that humanity has never known before

American missile – archive photoReutersUS President Donald Trump announced that his country had a missile that was twice the speed of sound, and claimed that Russia “stole” information about it during the administration of former President Barack Obama.

Trump said in a statement yesterday, Friday, in response to his accusation of revealing classified information: “One bugger says: It seems to me that he (Trump) is revealing classified information. No, all I did is tell the world that we have the most powerful weapon, but I don’t even say what kind of weapon it is. I hope we never have to use it. We have a supersonic missile that is five times faster than the normal missile.

Trump claimed that Russia had stolen information about an American missile from the Obama administration and built its own missile, stressing that the United States has now developed another, faster missile.

The US President said: “We now have the greatest weapon that mankind has ever made. We have revived the army and raised it to a level that no one thought was possible, and I said we made the most powerful weapon humanity has ever known, and this is true.”

According to the American president, this weapon is so advanced that Russia and China will “envy” the United States.

Trump added, “They don’t know what we have, but they know this is something nobody’s heard of.”

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