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TRUMP: I am angry at the heinous attack on the Capitol, and those involved in the violence will pay the price

US President Donald Trump expressed his “outrage at the heinous attack” on the Capitol complex, pledging that those involved in the violence “will pay for their actions.

Trump said, in a recorded speech released Thursday evening: “I would like to start by touching on the heinous attack on the US Capitol. Like all Americans, I feel anger at the violence, lawbreaking and riots, and I immediately directed the National Guard and the Federal Security Forces to secure the building and expel the intruders. America was and must To always be a state of law and order. “

Trump added that “the protesters who infiltrated the Capitol have desecrated the headquarters of American democracy.” And he continued, “I say to those involved in the riots and destruction, you do not represent our country, and I say to those who broke the law, you will pay the price.”

And he added, “We just passed through tense elections, and emotions are hot, but now nerves should be cold and calm should be restored.”

Trump said that his campaign tried to use every possible way to counter the election results, indicating: “My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. Through that I was fighting to defend American democracy. I still strongly believe that we must reform our electoral laws.”

Trump continued, saying, “Now Congress has approved the results, a new administration will be installed on January 20, and my focus will now shift to ensuring a smooth and orderly transfer of power. This moment requires remediation and reconciliation.”  

Trump did not mention in his speech, however, the name of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, who won the presidential election according to the official results.

On Wednesday evening, a group of Republican Trump supporters stormed the Congress headquarters during a session to approve the results of the presidential elections, which Biden won, after a rally in which the current US president refused to recognize his opponent’s victory.

Police units and special forces were later able to clear the congressional building of the intruders for lawmakers to announce their approval of the results of the vote, and this unprecedented unrest in general led to the deaths of 5 people, including a woman who was shot dead by a policeman and 3 people who died due to “accidents that required urgent aid.” At least 68 others were arrested, while Trump pledged after these events to implement an organized process of transferring power, despite his assertion that he refused to accept these results.

And on Thursday, the White House reported that a number of Trump administration employees had resigned over these events, while Democrats in Congress moved to remove the president from power.

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