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Trump and China : The US administration is tempting companies to move their factories from Asia

US President Donald Trump is seeking to provide tax credits to US companies with factories in China to lure them into transporting them to the US.

Trump has also threatened to withdraw government contracts from companies that continue to operate in China.

Trump steps up his campaign against China as the elections approach
Right Now Times : Trump steps up his campaign against China as the elections approach

Trump pledged in a speech on Monday to create 10 million jobs within 10 months, saying, “We will end our dependence on China.”

This step is the latest attack on China, after other steps on technology companies, such as TikTok, WeChat and Huawei.

The announcement of the move came as tensions escalated rapidly between Washington and Beijing in recent months.

The Trump administration has begun to extend its arms to companies other than the technology companies it accuses of threatening the national security of the United States.

“We will provide tax credits to companies that provide jobs by moving from China to the United States. We have built the largest economy in history in the world, and I have to do it again,” Trump said.

The Chinese technological giant Huawei is still under attack by the US government, as it imposed further restrictions on it on Monday to reduce what it can buy of electronic components.

The Trump administration has also threatened to include other Chinese technology companies on its blacklist, which is the list in which it prohibits companies from operating in the United States, along with TikTok and WeChat.?

As the presidential election in November approaches, Trump has stepped up his campaign targeting China, accusing its companies of stealing American jobs and intellectual property rights.

“We will make our important drugs and supplies, right here in the United States,” Trump added in his speech.

American icons

Many of the products in the United States that Americans consume are made abroad, a method of corporate business known as outsourcing.

Most of the big American companies, such as Apple, use a Taiwanese company called Foxconn to manufacture most of their blockbuster phones. This company has factories in Taiwan and China.

Other large US companies, including Nike, also have factories in China and other parts of Asia.

American companies, which produce global goods, began to review their operations, with the spread of the Corona virus epidemic, and after the temporary closure of their factories hampered supplies.

China is usually known as the “factory of the world,” but its global exports have been hit by the trade dispute with the United States and the Corona virus.

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