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Trump and Biden debate : the most important axes.

The personal insults that US President Donald Trump and his rival in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden, exchanged in their first televised debate, dominated the content of the discussion and the files they covered.

The most important points that Trump and his Democratic opponent wrangled in a debate yesterday evening, Tuesday, included relations with Russia, dealing with the Corona virus pandemic, the integrity of the presidential elections, the issue of reforming the health care system and the sluggishness of the economy.


Biden accused the Republican president of evading criticism of Russia, describing him as a “puppy” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He said, “I confronted Putin face to face, and made it clear to him that we would not accept any of these matters,” accusing Trump of being “Putin’s pup. He refuses to say a word about the rewards that have been set for killing American soldiers” in Afghanistan, referring to US media allegations. That Russian intelligence agents had paid fighters “close to the Taliban” to kill American soldiers.

The election

Trump repeated his claim that voting by mail would lead to fraud, and did not clearly affirm his willingness to accept the results of the poll, stating, “I hope it will be a fair election. But if I saw that tens of thousands of ballot forms were rigged, I wouldn’t be able to agree to that.”

Trump said he expected the Supreme Court to decide on the election and “consider the ballot papers.” He urged his supporters to go watch the polling process.

For his part, Biden urged the Americans to develop a plan for voting, and pledged that he would not announce the victory until the correctness of the result was verified.

Trump defended his swift move to try to fill a seat on the US Supreme Court, in a move that would strengthen the conservative majority on the court, saying that “elections have consequences” and that he had the right despite Democrats’ objections.

Biden said that the seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be filled after the election, when it becomes clear who will be the president, and added that a Supreme Court with more conservatives would jeopardize the Affordable Care Act known as “Obama Care”.

” Obama Care”

Biden said that “there are 20 million people who get attention from Obama Care,” and accused Trump of “wanting to deprive them of that,” stressing that Trump does not have any program.

For his part, Trump affirmed that he had amended the “Obama Care” program and that he had reduced drug prices by 80%, and that his team had put in place a good management of the health system. “.


Biden strongly attacked Trump’s handling of the Corona virus pandemic, saying that Trump “panicked” and failed to protect Americans because he is more concerned with the economy.

“He panicked or looked at the stock market,” Biden said of Trump, who urged countries to reopen their economies and underestimated the threat of the epidemic.

Trump responded by saying, “We did a wonderful job … But I tell you, Joe, you could never have done the work we did,” assuming that if Biden were president, two million, not 200,000 Americans would have died.


Biden promised that his economic plan would create 7 million jobs and lead to economic growth of another $ 1 trillion, while Trump said only that under his mandate, the US economy was “the greatest in history,” but was affected by the “Chinese plague.”

According to opinion polls, the debate, with its characteristic form and content, did not significantly affect the positions of voters, and Biden kept a slight lead over his Republican opponent about a month before the polling date.

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