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The war in Libya: Al-Wefaq government forces seized control of the last strongholds of Khalifa Haftar in the west of the country

RightNowTimes: In a very significant advance, the UN-backed government forces in Libya took control of the city of Tarhuna, in the west of the country.

This comes a day after the government of National Accord declared full control of Tripoli, after regaining control of the capital’s airport, with the support of Turkey.

RightNowTimes: Tarhuna is the last stronghold of the military commander Khalifa Hifter in the west of the country.

The city served as a springboard for his forces in their failed attempt to take control of nearby Tripoli and bring the rest of the country under control.

Despite receiving support from Russia, the UAE, Egypt and other countries, Haftar has suffered a series of defeats in recent weeks.

RightNowTimes: Libya has been in a state of anarchy since the overthrowing and killing of leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, and its east has come under the control of Haftar’s forces, and its west is in the hands of armed groups that support the government of national reconciliation.

The attack by Haftar’s forces to take control of Tripoli did not succeed in achieving its purpose, but it killed hundreds and displaced 200,000 people.

RightNowTimes: Leaked UN reports on Libya at the beginning of May spoke of hundreds of mercenaries from a Russian group called the “Wagner Group” led by Yevgeny Prigogin, who is closely related to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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