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The US court rejects the “Muslim Brotherhood” lawsuit against the former Prime Minister of Egypt

The American “Washington Post” newspaper revealed that the efforts of the leader of the “Muslim Brotherhood” Muhammad Sultan to sue Hazim al-Beblawi, a member of the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund, and the former Prime Minister of Egypt, were stalled.

The Brotherhood leader Sultan tried to move a lawsuit into an American court, but the US State Department confirmed that the former Egyptian official, al-Beblawy, enjoyed immunity by virtue of his current position in the IMF, which closed the door to those attempts. 

Sultan claimed in his lawsuit that he was tortured during the period in which Beblawi was head of the Egyptian government, and Sultan, who also holds American citizenship, has not provided any evidence of the responsibility of the former Prime Minister of his country so far for the suspected torture allegations, other than his claim without support that he was “a target For assassination, arrest and torture. “

The lawsuit, filed in the Washington DC District Court, accused “El-Beblawy of direct responsibility for the treatment of Sultan”, and the newspaper report adds yesterday that the lawsuit was filed based on the 1991 American Victims of Torture Law as part of a request to reject the lawsuit filed last month by Sultan.

The Egyptian authorities released this Brotherhood leader in 2015 and later became a strong advocate for the rights of prisoners, including many American citizens.

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