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The US Congress resumes the joint session for counting the electoral votes

The US Congress resumed the joint session of the House and Senate to count the electoral votes, after it was suspended following the storming of the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump.

This is usually a ceremonial move, but after failing to overturn Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s victory in the courts and state legislatures, Trump supporters held a rally in front of the house, and from there they moved to the Capitol building, which was later stormed, leading to the suspension of the voting session. .

The counting of electoral votes in the joint session of Congress begins in alphabetical order of the states.

Arizona objected to the vote, and because the veto was signed by both a congressman and a senator, the senators withdrew from the session to discuss the veto process.

Subsequently, the Senate voted 92 to seven, rejecting the objection.

The objection submitted by the states of Michigan and Nevada for not signing the letter of objection was rejected by a senator. 

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