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The United States is considering stripping Xi Jinping of his title of “President”

The US Congress is considering stripping Chinese President Xi Jinping of the title of “president” used by Western English-speaking governments and media organizations.

The bill, called the Enemy Naming Act, was submitted to the House of Representatives on August 7 by Republican Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, CNN reported.

According to the draft law, “The federal government is prohibited from creating or publishing any documents referring to the head of state of the People’s Republic of China and only stating that he is the Secretary-General of the CPC Central Committee, or alternatively, as the Secretary-General.”

“The leadership of the People’s Republic of China has gone unchallenged in its harmful endeavors to violate human rights for decades,” the bill states.

“Addressing the leader of the People’s Republic of China that he, the president, gives the wrong assumption that the people of the country, through democratic means, have easily embarked on choosing the leader to rule them,” he added.

Source: “CNN”

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