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The son of the Syrian actress Asala from her first husband sends her an impressive message

Khaled, son of the Syrian artist Asala from her first husband Ayman al-Dhahabi, sent a message in which he expressed his happiness in her ability to overcome life and psychological difficulties.

The young man said on his personal page in “Instagram”: “Mama, I have borne burdens throughout the years of your life. I hope to take care of you, as I did in our family, and you have the purest spirit, and it kills me to see you go to work daily while I know that you are still in pain, but I am I will stay here to remind you how special you are, and to have the purest heart in the world even in our dark times … and you always remind me that we are lucky, so it is true. “And he continued: “You, mom, despite everything you are going through,

you are still gathering your soul to launch the greatest album, and I really mean it, and I can never return to you everything that I did for me. You are the person who takes care of others the most, I know my angel, and I hope to protect you from the cold of the world,” Because what you have been doing all your life, I know how much tension you are feeling, but I will do what I can to carry your feeling and will carry out everything you taught me to be proud of me always, and I am proud of you my queen.

A few days ago, Asala announced her willingness to release her new album, which is limited to Gulf songs only, and includes about 20 songs.

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