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The second wave of Corona Virus: The governor of Texas warns of a “very rapid and serious” epidemic

Right Now Times: Texas State Governor Greg Abbott said the spread of the Corona virus was a “very dangerous, rapid turn”.

Abbott explained that the number of injuries ranged between “2000 and 5000 per day during the past weeks.”

Right Now Times: Western and southern states recorded an increase in the number of injuries, after relaxing restrictions.

The number of injuries in the United States has now exceeded 2.5 million, with more than 125,000 deaths confirmed, exceeding the number of deaths in any other country.

Re-impose restrictions

Right Now Times: The high number of injuries has prompted officials in Texas and Florida to tighten restrictions and close some business amid warnings again that hospitals are unable to accommodate patients.

On Sunday, the Texas governor said about 5,000 people enter hospital daily for treatment.

Right Now Times: US Vice President Mike Pence said that Texas will provide more Covid-19 virus detection test tools.

He stressed that the US administration is keen to provide Texas and its health care system with resources, supplies and individuals to confront the virus.

Right Now Times: The vice president urged Texas residents to wear face masks in places that require it, saying: “We know from experience that this will slow the spread of the Corona virus.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said at a joint press conference with Abbott on Sunday that the imposition of wearing a face mask nationwide was “very late”.

Right Now Times: She added that the US record in the number of HIV infections is the worst among the countries of the world.

In some cases, as in Texas, a request to wear a face mask was met with street protests by those who rejected the measure.

Right Now Times: Also on Sunday, the state of Arizona recorded a new record unprecedented number of injuries in one day, as the number of injuries exceeded 3,800.

States in the south and west of the United States have seen a rise in the number of cases after lifting restrictions have been lifted in recent weeks.

Right Now Times: As part of fighting the spread of the virus, the governor of Texas has asked bars to close and restaurants to halve the number of seats in their galleries. Florida Gov. Ron Desantis reimposed the restrictions.

Protest in Austin, the capital of Texas
Right Now Times: Protest in Austin, the capital of Texas

What are the latest figures for the United States?

Right Now Times: Hopkins University said the total number of injuries was 2,539,544. But health officials estimate that the real numbers are ten times the number reported by Hopkins.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 20 million Americans were infected with the virus.

Right Now Times: The body’s director, Dr. Robert Redfield, said that most of the injured, especially in the western and southern states, are young people between the ages of 18 and 34.

The developments come at a time when the White House announced that the situation is on the way to stability in most parts of the country.

Right Now Times: At a press conference on the Corona Virus on Friday, Mike Pence praised the Trump administration for the “remarkable progress in moving our nation forward.” He highlighted the improvement in employment and retail sales.

Right Now Times: Johns Hopkins University said the number of HIV infections since its inception in China late last year and its transmission to the rest of the world has exceeded 10 million cases.

Right Now Times: The number of infections in Europe and the United States has reached half of the total number of injuries in the world, but the current pace of spreading is increasing in speed on the American continent.

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