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The representative of the Jewish community in the Iranian parliament condemns the insulting of the Prophet Muhammad.

The representative of the Jewish community in the Iranian Shura Council, MP Humayun Samah Yeh, condemned the offense of a French magazine of the Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran.

A statement by “Fars News” agency said, “The abuse of the Holy Quran by a French magazine is condemned by the followers of all religions and even religions such as Buddhism and others.”

He added, “We see the claims of the French to freedom of expression, and we notice that they direct their insults to others as freedom of expression.”

He continued: “Freedom of expression is permitted as long as it does not offend the other, and otherwise does not mean freedom of expression, but rather an insult to others.”

And he continued, “Charlie Hebdo’s abuse of the Prophet of Islam hurt the feelings of the Muslims of the world, and we Iranian Jews condemn this act and consider it unacceptable and unjustified.”

He concluded by saying, “With such behaviors, the West is trying to divert public opinion to other issues in order to divert its attention from political, economic and other failures and cover them up.”

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