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The Prime Minister of France: We are ruling out the idea of ​​imposing a general health ban due to Corona

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the development of the spread of Corona in the country indicates a “clear deterioration”, while ruling out the idea of ​​imposing a “general quarantine.”

  • France records the second largest daily toll of new infections with the Coronavirus

He said, “The severity of the virus has not diminished and it will continue for a few months, but we have to be able to live with it without entering a state of general quarantine again.”

He added, “We should not stop our social, economic and cultural life, despite the high number of HIV infections.”

And 42 French provinces have become classified “red”, where the virus is very active, as Castex explained at the headquarters of the government, where he is isolating himself after meeting an infected person.

The general situation in the country raises increasing concern, with the number of cases registered in recent weeks steadily.

About 10 thousand new infections were recorded within 24 hours, according to the data published by the Public Health Authority.

Source: “AFP”

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