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The Libyan army kills four “ISIS” in the southern city of Sabha

This morning, the Libyan National Army announced that four ISIS members had been killed in clashes with a Libyan military detachment in the southern city of Sabha.

The identity of the organization’s members was identified after their elimination, and they had holed up in a number of houses in the Abd al-Kafi neighborhood of the city, and it turned out that two of them were of Saudi nationality and the third Australian.

According to the information received, the fourth dead man blew himself up, accompanied by two other operatives, while the armed forces are still besieging those who remained inside the neighborhood. 

Units of the 116th Infantry Brigade and units of the 160th Infantry Battalion of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces moved after receiving information about the movements of a terrorist group inside a residential neighborhood in the city of Sabha in the Abdul Kafi neighborhood, and succeeded in storming the terrorist group’s hideouts and eliminating a number of its members, and hunting down the remnants of this group That fled towards the dump in the Abdul Kafi neighborhood.

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