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The latest developments in the US elections on its crucial day, moment by moment…Continuous update

Right Now Times : On Tuesday, November 3, the direct polling process took place through the polls in the US presidential election after nearly 100 million Americans cast ballots – by mail and by remote voting.جو بايدنJoe BidenAmerican ElectionsDonald Trumpدونالد ترامب23821369,773,518 votes (50.13%)270 to winAfter 51 out of 45 states67,165,124 votes (48.25%)Montana 100% reports6 votes of the electorateDonald TrumpJoseph Biden.

Right Now Times : RT is keeping up with the polling details and the initial results moment by moment, waiting for the final result between the current presidential candidates Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

The 12 American states play an important role in determining the fate of the presidential elections and who will be the next president for a period of 4 years. These states include 270 electoral votes necessary to enter the White House.

These states are Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada, and Iowa.

Due to the large increase in mail voting due to the Corona epidemic, and the difficulty of counting ballots, the results may not be known on Tuesday.

Right Now Times : Polling stations open in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.

Biden wins the Dixville Notch vote in New Hampshire.

Trump wins 16 votes in Millsfield, New Hampshire, while Biden gets 5 votes.

– Wall Street indexes rise.

Biden calls on Americans to vote.

– A federal judge in Texas rejected a Republican bid to disqualify the 127,000 votes already cast by voters at car polls in Houston.

– The participation rate in 4 states exceeded that of 2016.

Right Now Times : US Homeland Security: There are no indications that any outside party will succeed in exposing the voices to suspicion.

Ministry of Homeland Security: The elections are taking place normally and there is no evidence of piracy.

Department of Homeland Security: The FBI is investigating reports of automated calls trying to suppress voters.

European stocks reach a week high as investors await the outcome of the US elections.

Trump: There is no reason to skip the polling date and there is ample time for counting the votes.

Trump: Americans have the right to know the name of the winner on election day.

White House spokeswoman: Trump will win Nevada and Minnesota.

– Nebraska authorities: Unidentified people call on voters to not vote and stay at home.

– An American judge orders the examination of stuck ballot papers in postal centers.

Right Now Times : Trump: We are advancing firmly in the elections, including in swing states, including Florida.

Trump calls on American citizens to overcome partisan differences.

–  Tight security around the White House amid fears of unrest over the election results

Trump: Winning is easy, but losing is difficult to take .

Biden calls on his supporters to choose hope over fear

CNN: Biden’s pessimistic campaign in Florida

– A Republican official declares his support for Biden in the US presidential elections

Initial indications for voting: 53% of women, 47% of men.

Close the first polling stations in the eastern United States.

Right Now Times : Biden campaign: We can win the White House without the battles of Florida and Pennsylvania

Preliminary results: Trump leads the way in voting in Indiana, New Hampshire and Biden in Kentucky.

Trump regains the lead in Kentucky.

The preliminary results of the presidential election indicate Trump’s lead over Biden in Florida.

– “Fox News”: Biden is the expected winner in Virginia (13 votes in the electoral college) and Vermont (3 votes).

Preliminary results of the presidential election: Biden regains the lead in Florida

Right Now Times : Preliminary results of the presidential election: Biden takes the lead in the Vermont vote.

Biden leads Trump in Florida with more than 52% of the vote counted.

Preliminary results show Biden’s progress in Virginia.

– “Fox News”: Trump is the expected winner in West Virginia (5 votes in the electoral college)

Biden is ahead of Trump in Ohio, which gives 18 votes in the electoral college.

– competition in the dramatic state of Florida swing and Trump to regain progress narrowly .

– The US President regains progress in the states of Florida and Georgia, after counting nearly 50%.

Biden advanced in Texas (the historically Republic) after counting 16%, and she gives 38 votes.

Biden leads in crucial states of Texas and Pennsylvania and has a dramatic rivalry in Florida.

Trump leads in swing states by 50.7% to Biden’s 48.5%, with 88% of the vote counted.

BIDEN: I will not stick to a plan if the election results are not made clear by the end of Tuesday night.

– The United States Postal Service announces that it is unable to inspect all of its stations for pending ballot papers.

US media: Trump is the expected winner in Arkansas (6 votes in the electoral college).

Trump is ahead of Biden in the swing states of Michigan and Georgia .

Right Now Times : Biden is steadily leading in North Carolina (15 votes), with 71% of the vote counted.

Biden is leading in Ohio, which gives 18 delegates the vote, with 54% to 44.8% for Trump

Trump leads the crucial state of Florida by 51.2%, compared to 47.9% for Biden, after 90% of the votes were counted

Trump leads Louisiana with half of the votes counted, gets 63.9%, Biden 34.5%

Trump wins Missouri, which gives him 10 additional votes

Trump is leading in most swing states, but competition remains intense

Biden is close to resolving the states of North Carolina and Florida with a total of (44) after counting more than 90% of the votes.

Biden wins New Hampshire (4) votes

Biden wins California, Washington and Oregon

Right Now Times : Biden guarantees 213 votes in the electoral college against 119 votes for Trump, after the results of 36 states are decided

Trump wins the very important state of Florida (29 votes)

Fox News: Trump wins Texas with a total of 204 electoral votes so far

Trump wins Ohio state, gets 18 votes

Trump says he will announce a major victory

Preliminary results show Trump defeating Biden in Texas

– Trump leads Biden in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Carolina and Wisconsin after partial vote count

Right Now Times : Trump is ahead of Biden in 5 of the 6 states that have not been fully counted

Biden is ahead of Trump in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico

The Associated Press: Biden beats Trump in Arizona

The Associated Press: Biden wins at least three of the Electoral College votes in Maine

Biden is ahead of Trump in Wisconsin, with 95% of the vote counted

Trump gets 52% of the vote in Michigan and Biden 47% with 79% of the vote counted

Edison Center: Trump and Biden share Nevada votes 49% each after 85% of the state’s vote counted

Right Now Times : Biden reduces the difference with Trump in Michigan after counting 86% of the state’s vote

Biden manages to make progress on Trump’s expense in Michigan by 49.4% to 49% after counting 94% of the vote.

Edison Center: Trump is 48.8% behind Biden in Wisconsin, compared to 49.5% after 97% of the vote counted.

– “CNN”: The partial count results so far show Biden a 50.2% lead versus Trump’s 48.3%

– “Fox News”: Biden is ahead of Trump in Michigan by a shaky margin after counting 94% of the vote

– “Fox News”: Biden is ahead of Trump in Michigan by a shaky margin after counting 94% of the vote

– A US state resumes counting of votes on Thursday

CNN: The partial vote count shows Biden’s 50.2% lead so far

– US media: Trump lags 25 points behind Biden

The US Nasdaq index rose by more than 2% on the second day of the elections

– Biden leads in three important states have closer victory

Right Now Times : Biden’s campaign manager expects to win the election until the end of the day

Trump campaign: We will win in Arizona by 30,000 votes

Trump campaign: “Illegal” votes should not be counted and we expect to win

Trump campaign manager: If we count all the correct votes, we will win

–  The US Postal Authority announces the end of examining all its stations for pending ballot papers

Pennsylvania authorities confirm about 50 percent of postal ballots have been counted

Media: Washington launched “preemptive” cyber attacks against Russia and Iran ahead of the elections

The  turnout in the 2020 US presidential elections has reached the highest level in 120 years

Source: RT + agencies

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