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The Iraqi authorities confirm the closure of the borders to Iranian visitor

Today, Friday, the Border Ports Authority in Iraq affirmed its commitment to the decisions of the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety to close the borders to foreign visitors.

A statement by the authority stated: “Videos have spread on social media sites dealing with the attempts to enter visitors from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Iraqi borders through the common ports between the two countries, and we confirm the closure of the land borders to the entry of Iranian visitors, and foreigners alike, due to the spread of the Corona pandemic and to preserve On our people from the spread of this epidemic. “

The authority stressed the need for: “Adherence to the regulations and instructions that stipulate the exit of Iraqis across the land borders who are students in Iranian universities and patients (cancer, amputation of a limb and those with high pressure who are unable to travel by air), and otherwise our ports are completely closed.”

She added, “It has strengthened the security reality as a precaution to prevent any breach

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