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The first and largest commercial airliner successfully taking off and flying for 20 minutes using hydrogen energy

The American-British “Zero Avia” company has achieved a revolutionary technological breakthrough by testing a civilian aircraft that can accommodate up to 6 passengers, powered by hydrogen instead of the traditional fuel harmful to the environment.

The small plane, “Paper-Am”, took off last Thursday from Cranfield Airport in Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom, and flew for 20 minutes over the area, and returned to the airport with complete success, to the satisfaction of the British authorities, who had bet on the “Zero Avia” project by providing it with financial support of $ 2 £ 7 million in September 2019.

Zero Avia, which specializes in the production of small commercial aircraft and their counterparts used in the agricultural sector, which was founded in 2017, expressed its hope that airlines around the world would adopt the new technology for greenhouse gas emissions-free flight by 2023.  

Zero Avia CEO Val Muftakhov promises travelers that they will soon be able to travel on “zero-emissions” airplanes, he said, of greenhouse gases.

The technological breakthrough lies in the realization of the possibility of operating aircraft with absolutely clean fuel issued by converting hydrogen in the atmosphere, by mixing it with oxygen, into electrical energy, which opens up broad prospects for a revolution in the history of aviation as it is likely to gradually turn into new hydrogen energy.

These prospects seem serious after the experiences and innovations that have been going on for years in the field of operating cars and other devices with hydrogen energy, as well as the European company “Airbis” announcement a few days ago about its project to produce civil commercial aircraft by 2035.

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