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The Egyptian Defense Minister honors the “soldier and lady of the train”

The Egyptian Minister of Defense Muhammad Zaki received Mrs. Safia Ibrahim Abu Al-Azm, who was famous among the public opinion as “the lady of the train”, and honored her “in appreciation and gratitude for her emulated stance.”

The honor took place in the presence of a number of Egyptian army leaders.

On this occasion, the Egyptian Armed Forces expressed its thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Safia, who considered it an expression of the authenticity of the Egyptian woman. In this regard, the Minister of Defense said, “Mrs. Safia’s reaction is nothing but an affirmation of the significance that the pure Egyptian lady is the school under which all the good human qualities fall, and that no matter how high honors and praise are, her right as the Egyptian mother who gives the most wonderful lessons in dedication will not be fulfilled.” And tender … “

The “Lady of the Train”, Safia Ibrahim Abu Al-Azm, has become a public and private conversation in Egypt since her intervention a few days ago, during a trip on a train from Mansoura to Cairo, to pay for a recruited ticket and prevent it from being unloaded from the vehicle and handed over to the military police by the ticket taker.

Her behavior was admired and applauded on social media, in exchange for the behavior of one of the train workers towards the recruiter as cruel and transgressive.

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