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The body of an American journalist of Russian origin was found in Istanbul

Turkish police are investigating the circumstances of the death of Andrei Vlcek, an American journalist of Russian origin, whose body was found in his car in Istanbul, on Tuesday, according to the Turkish NTV channel.

The channel reported that Vlcek, 57, arrived in Istanbul with his wife and drivers from the northern Turkish state of Samsun. Upon their arrival at the hotel in the Karakoy neighborhood, which they chose to stay in, Vlchek’s wife tried to wake him up while he was sleeping in the car, but he did not respond, and a medical team transported to the place confirmed the man’s death.

After obtaining American citizenship, Vlczyk, who was born in the Soviet city of Leningrad (now Petersburg), worked as a war correspondent in a number of regions of the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, East Timor, Sri Lanka, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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