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It doesn’t matter if we know nothing about the Spanish Civil War of the third decade of the twentieth century. Take a look at Picasso’s painting Gornica or the photo of Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia in front of General Franco’s fascist firing squad. Lorca is standing a few seconds before his death, shouting slogans. You will all understand how brutal Spain must have been.

What did Hitler do to the Jews in the concentration camps? His story culminates in a picture in which dozens of Jewish men, women and children in striped uniforms of prisoners stand on the other side of barbed wire waiting for freedom. ۔

Hayat Baloch
Right Now Times : Hayat Baloch was the only young man in his family to attend university

How devastating the Vietnam War was. Sitting in front of a TV in drawing rooms thousands of miles away, one would not have imagined it if a picture of naked children fleeing from the rain of American Nepam bombs on a village called Mai Lai had not surfaced. One image fueled global protests against the war.

There was a terrible famine in the Horn of Africa in the 1880s. Thousands of words were written about this famine. There were many relief concerts. But just one picture of South Sudan actually told what famine is. In the picture of a starving child. The structure is taking its last breath and a restless vulture sitting nearby is counting its breaths.

What a resistance it was in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in the 1990’s.

Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. The doors had to be opened.

Even if all the pictures of the Kashmir tragedy disappear, just one picture is enough to mourn Kashmir. On a street in Sopore, a three-year-old boy sits stunned on the chest of his grandfather’s bloody corpse.

کوئٹہ میں مظاہرہ

Pictures of missing persons of Balochistan are seen so many times in demonstrations and strike campaigns that it has become a habit now. Pictures of Nawab Akbar Bugti’s last days from Nawab Nowruz Khan also appear on social media after a while.

But the way Hayat Baloch was killed on a street in Turbat on August 13 and the condition of his parents. This picture is enough to explain the whole story to anyone unfamiliar with Balochistan.

Until some time ago, it was hoped that the problem of Balochistan might be solved politically on the basis of something or two. But for this, the mind also needs to be political. Who are also ignorant of the act of empathy. Those who have a hammer in their hands see every problem as nails.

At present, the most oppressed section of Balochistan is neither the families of the missing nor the young generation suffering from insecurity and deprivation. The most pitiable are the pro-federal Balochistan politicians. But instead of keeping his political lodge, the federation made him a laundry dog ​​in the eyes of its own people.

اختر مینگل
Right Now Times : Flour, sugar, tomatoes are under discussion in this House but Baloch blood is not under discussion’

A glimpse of what kind of mental anguish this federalist class is suffering from can be seen in the recent address to the National Assembly by Akhtar Mengal, the former Chief Minister of Balochistan and former ally of Imran Khan. Can.

“Committees are being formed for Kashmir. Kashmir will be found when it is found. For this, form a committee for what is being lost. Flour, sugar and tomatoes are being discussed in this House but Baloch’s. Blood is not under discussion. Is its blood color worse than tomato. You have not only adopted it but also considered it a colony.

If Afghanistan Peace Conference can be convened then why can’t Balochistan Peace Conference be held. Or do it by amending the constitution and writing Occupied or Conquered Balochistan. They will be able to say, “Keep burying your bodies in silence. This is God’s punishment on you. Endure it.”

After listening to this speech of Akhtar Mengal, I heard the speeches of Dr. AM Malik, Abdul Moneem Khan, Fazal Qadir Chaudhry, Prof. Ghulam Azam, Abdul Jabbar Khan, Raja Tri Deorai, Khawaja Khairuddin, Khan Abdul Sabur, Maulvi Farid Ahmed, Mahmood Ali, Noor. Al-Amin, etc. are missin

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