Taiwanese Defense Minister: There are no indications that China is ready for war

The Taiwanese defense minister said that there are no indications that China is preparing for an all-out war with Taiwan, such as the mobilization of its forces on its eastern coast, after repeated Chinese maneuvers near an island claimed by China.

“The Chinese have continued their provocative actions against Taiwan, but there are currently no indications of their willingness to launch an all-out war,” Minister Yin De Fa told the parliament.

He added that one of the signs of an imminent attack would be if forces from the interior of China began to mass along its east, but there were no indications that this would happen.

The defense minister said that the Taiwan forces had maintained their combat readiness in peacetime and had not stepped up from the state of alert. Nevertheless, he pledged to “fight to the last man” to defend the island’s sovereignty and democracy.

Last week, the Taiwan Defense Ministry said, in a clear warning to China, that the Taiwan armed forces have the right to self-defense and counter-attack, amid “harassment and threats.”

Prime Minister Su Tsing-chang, also speaking in Parliament, said the attackers would have to pay a heavy price because the people of Taiwan would persistently defend themselves and their land.

China was angered by the increase in US support for Taiwan, especially after two visits by senior US officials, including Health Minister Alex Azar in August, and Keith Crash, Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs this month.

The United States, which does not have diplomatic relations with the island but is its strongest supporter, is also planning to complete new arms sales to Taiwan.

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