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Syed Ali Gilani’s decision to secede from Hurriyat Conference: ‘Until this death, I will continue to fight against Indian colonialism’

Right Now Times: Syed Ali Gilani, a senior resistance leader in Indian-administered Kashmir, announced his separation from the separatist multi-party alliance Hurriyat Conference but at the same time said he would fight Indian colonialism for life.

Right Now Times: Syed Ali Gilani, a veteran resistance leader who has dominated Kashmir’s political landscape for five decades, made the announcement in a short audio message on Monday, announcing his separation from the faction of the Ittehad-e-Hurriyat Conference, which he had held for 17 years. The chairman was elected.

Right Now Times: In a 47-second audio clip released on social media, Gilani says, “Given the current state of the All-Party Hurriyat Conference, I announce my complete separation from this forum.” In this regard, all the units of the forum have been informed through a detailed letter.

In the two-page detailed letter, Gilani, without naming anyone, accused the leaders of the Hurriyat Conference units of misconduct and financial irregularities.

Right Now Times: Without naming anyone, Gilani wrote to Hurriyat leaders and activists, “Despite historical restrictions and detentions, I searched for you a lot, constantly tried to contact you through messages, but any attempt proved fruitful.” No search results were found.

Gilani further writes, “Neither my health nor a decade of detention has ever stood in my way in formulating a strategy for the future and guiding the nation in these circumstances.

Right Now Times: ” Today, when the sword of accountability is hanging over your heads, the heat of accountability is being felt, the veil of financial irregularities is being lifted and there is a fear of losing your office, the epidemic has hit and despite the government closures, you Gathered for the event and set a unique example of solidarity and oneness by supporting and endorsing the unconstitutional decision of their representatives and by sharing this drama with their favorite broadcasters, they also shared in this disgusting sin. ‘

Right Now Times: It is pertinent to mention that in 2003, on the issues of negotiations with New Delhi and support for General Musharraf’s four-point formula, Syed Ali Gilani had accused several leaders, including Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, of deviating from the movement’s goals. The controversy lasted for several months and later some Hurriyat units elected Syed Ali Gilani as the chairman of the Hurriyat Conference. Thus the Hurriyat Conference split into two factions.

Protests in Kashmir
Right Now Times: In Kashmir, school children are now participating in the protest

Right Now Times: “You forced me to take over the leadership of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference Jammu and Kashmir in 2003 and then for life,” Gilani wrote in the letter.

According to him, the performance and irregularities of this forum were often overlooked in the wider interests of the movement. Due to government reprimands, repeated arrests, economic woes and personal weaknesses, a strict and expected system of accountability has not been established. But today you have not only violated all the rules and regulations, but also openly and openly rebelled against the leadership.

Right Now Times: Gilani says he cannot afford to be held accountable for his weaknesses and shortcomings, as well as for the performance of his colleagues at the forum. I declare complete separation … You are all free to decide for yourself.

Right Now Times: However, Gilani clarified that “neither the strength of heart nor mind has stopped nor has there been any weakness in my spirit of freedom.” From this death to my demise, I will continue to fight against Indian colonialism and continue to exercise my right to lead my nation as much as I can.

Right Now Times: He announced in the letter that Abdullah Gilani, the leader of the Hurriyat Conference in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, would continue to represent Pakistan and abroad.

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