Student of the “last Russian emperor” avenges his teacher with a “fatal” blow Video

Russian Vadim Nimkov crushed the American champion Ryan Bidder, in a fight that brought them together, at dawn today, Saturday, for the title of world champion in the “Bellator 244” for mixed martial arts (MMA).

In the second round, the Russian fighter dealt a strong blow with his foot to the head of the American champion, losing his balance and falling on the ground of the ring, and then Nimkov hit a barrage of blows on Bayder, before the referee intervened and stopped the confrontation announcing the Russian victory by the technical knockout, in the fight that brought them together in Uncasville, Connecticut, USA.  

Nimkov, who belongs to the “Fedor Team” team, avenged his coach “the last Russian Emperor” Fyodor Yemlyanenko, who suffered a crushing defeat by a knockout in front of Baider himself, within just 35 seconds, in the match that brought them together, at dawn on Sunday 27 January 2019.

Ryan Beder entered the history of the “Bellator” organization at the time as the first fighter to hold the title of “Bellator” champion of two different weights at the same time.

Mona Bidder (37 years) lost the sixth defeat in his professional career so far, compared to 27 victories, and lost the light-heavy champion’s belt.

Vadim Nimkov, 28, scored his twelfth victory in his professional career, with two defeats.

Source: RT 

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