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South Korean intelligence: Kim did not issue an order to kill the South Korean official

South Korea’s intelligence agency stated that the North Korean shooting of a South Korean government official was probably ordered by senior North officials, not from leader Kim Jong-un.

MPs who participated in a closed meeting of the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee quoted the agency’s chief, Park Ji-won, as saying that he believed Kim did not order the killing.

Park said that after the North received written messages from the South through the United Nations Command’s Military Armistice Commission, he decided that the killing may not have been reported to Kim at least, but officials ordered it.

Park said that the South Korean intelligence gathered, shows no signs of Kim’s involvement in the incident.

He stated that there is a possibility of the body drifting in the water, and therefore the South Korean government will call on the North to cooperate in searching for the body of the late South Korean official, and also in determining the cause of the accident, adding that the government will intensify its efforts in the search for the body.

On Thursday, the South Korean Defense Ministry said that North Korea shot the 47-year-old Ocean Ministry official in the sea before his body was burned. He was missing from a check boat on Monday while on duty in the waters off the western border island of Yeonpyeong.

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