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So far 98 deaths due to poisonous liquor in Punjab, is the mastermind a woman?

Right Now Times : So far, 98 people have died in Punjab by drinking poisonous liquor. It is the biggest tragedy in the state in deaths due to drinking spurious liquor.

This tragedy has occurred in three border districts of Amritsar, Gurudaspur and Taran Taran of Punjab.

In the whole case, the Government of Punjab has suspended at least seven personnel of the Excise and Taxation Department. Apart from this, seven Punjab Police personnel have been suspended for negligence in duty.

Poisonous liquor tragedy in Punjab

Right Now Times : 25 people have been arrested and large quantities of illicit liquor have been recovered. Hundreds of locations have been raided in the state.

This tragedy has come in Punjab when the state is also struggling with the corona virus epidemic.

Poisonous liquor tragedy in Punjab

Compensation of two lakhs to the affected families

Right Now Times : Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has announced financial assistance of two lakh each to the families of the victims. Along with this, the Chief Minister has also assured to take appropriate action against the culprits.

The opposition parties of the state are blaming the government for this tragedy. Shiromani Akali Dal chief Sukhbir Singh Badal held a press conference after meeting the victims at Muchhal village in Amritsar. 10 people have died in this village.

Right Now Times : At the press conference, Badal said that in this hour of grief, the Chief Minister should have been with the families of the victims. Badal said that the whole matter should be investigated in Amritsar

Sukhbir Badal said that there is a loss of 5600 crores in revenue due to illicit liquor.

Right Now Times : Jaswinder Singh, cousin of Sukhbir Singh, former sarpanch of Muchhal village, has also died. He told Ravinder Singh Robin of BBC Punjabi that there is a very strong nexus between illicit liquor and business.

Poisonous liquor tragedy in Punjab

Police, leaders and criminals combine

Right Now Times : Sukhbir says that its mastermind has access to the top and they are still doing everything openly. He said, ‘Police understands the whole model.’

According to Sukhbir, the police is also aware of the supply chain of illegal liquor. The problem is that the police is also a party in the whole matter and that too is mixed with the criminals. ”

He said, “People involved in this business have got political instigation because there is a lot of money in it.” If they arrest the holiday, then they can easily reach even bigger fish. But there is a fear of increasing public outrage from these arrests.

Right Now Times : The police have arrested 25 people and close to 100 people have been arrested in this case. These arrests and raids have taken place in the border areas of Punjab-Haryana.

Jasbir Singh Dimpa MP of Khadur Sahib Lok Sabha constituency went to meet the family members of the victims in Muchhal. 75 people have died in Amritsar and Taran Taran. Dimpa is a member of the Congress Party and she informed the people about the steps taken by the Punjab government.

Right Now Times : Dimpa promised that if the negligence of government employees comes out in the whole case, then appropriate action will be taken against them. The families who have lost their loved ones all have their own stories.

After all, how does native liquor become poisonous?
Poisonous liquor tragedy in Punjab

Foaming and fainting

Right Now Times : Jaswinder Singh’s wife Virpal Kaur says that when her husband came home, her eyes were burning and she had chest pain. After this, foam started coming out of his mouth and he died after being taken to the hospital.

Such stories are in the minds of many victims. Tilak Raj is one of the survivors of this tragedy. He has been discharged from the hospital after becoming healthy.

Tilak shared his experience with BBC Punjabi. He said that he had found illegal liquor locked in polythene. People call this wine as ‘frutti’ in code word.

Right Now Times : Tilak bought this frutti from Batala. He told, “I bought for 50 rupees. I was uncontrolled in the first peg. I could not see. I immediately contacted the doctor.

The doctor referred Tilak to a government hospital. Tilak says, “Nobody took it seriously in a government hospital. But later when the administration got into action, I was admitted properly.

Poisonous liquor tragedy in Punjab

Most of the poor workers die

Right Now Times : Batla’s daughter Ninder Kaur told that her father was in a state of unconsciousness and could not see. Foam was coming out of his mouth and he immediately fell.

Most of the victims were daily wage laborers or small farmers and cattle ranchers. The accused in the case are also from this society.

50-year-old Balwinder Kaur has been arrested as the main accused. Balwinder’s husband has also died and it is being said that he has also been the victim of the same tragedy.

Right Now Times : On Friday, when the Punjab Punjabi’s Ravinder Singh Robin reached Balwinder Kaur’s house, the lock was hanging on the gate. Balwinder Kaur’s neighbors have also been victims of this tragedy.

Poisonous liquor tragedy in Punjab

Right Now Times : Harjit Singh, son of neighbor Balwinder Singh, said that Balwinder Kaur’s family has been involved in illegal liquor business for more than two decades.

DSP Manjit Singh posted at Jandiala Guru told BBC Punjabi that FIR was lodged against Balwinder Kaur even earlier.

Right Now Times : He said, “We have arrested under section 304 of IPC. Balwinder Kaur has been arrested along with two other accomplices. Another such tragedy happened eight years ago.

A similar incident took place in August 2012 at Nangal Johal in Gurdaspur district. Then 17 people died.

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