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Simple ways to prevent spiders from entering your home

Most types of spiders are harmless to humans, but if you don’t like sharing their homes with “guests” that have eight legs, then it is natural to look for optimal ways to repel them.

Spider viewing is increasing at the present time because it is the mating season. Therefore, the British “Express” website reveals what prevents spiders from entering your home in easy and simple ways.

What prevents spiders from entering your home?

1- Spider Catcher:

You can buy it online or at most hardware, hardware, and furniture stores.

It is not as harsh as it sounds, as it feels like a vacuum cleaner, and you can simply gently pick up the spider and get it out of the house with ease.

2- Citrus oils and essential oils:

Spiders hate citrus fruits, so use it to your advantage.

“Spiders are thought to hate the smell of citrus fruits, so try applying slices of fresh lemon or lime or rubbing their peel across window and door sills as a natural insect repellant,” said Lucy Asco of

She added: “If lemon is not the right scent for you, you can also try some essential oils, such as peppermint, cinnamon or tea tree oil, to keep spiders away.”

This way, you will smell wonderful in your home without spiders.

3- Vinegar:

Vinegar has an odor that spiders cannot handle. “A spray made from a mixture of water and vinegar will have the same effect in deterring spiders,” Lucy said.

She advised Lucy to spray this spray in crevices in and around the house where spiders are likely to lie and want to lay their eggs in them. This will prevent it from reproducing.

4- Eucalyptus tree:

Growing a eucalyptus tree should also keep spiders away.

And humans tend to love the scent of eucalyptus, which is a lovely addition to a dull-looking garden. This smell repels spiders without harming them.

It also kills cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes and flies.

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