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Showbiz Diary: Release of Sushant Singh’s last film today, Chalbal Pandey engaged in farming during lockdown

Right Now Times : Shashant Rajput’s latest film ‘Dil Bechara’ is releasing on digital platforms on July 24 (today). The film will be released on Disney Plus Hot Star for all subscribers and non-subscribers in India, UK, Canada and USA.

On this occasion, people are expressing mixed feelings on media and social media.

Right Now Times : Actor Shashant Singh Rajput’s family has remained silent since his death, showing extreme tolerance and civility, but some Bollywood stars have taken to the arena with his name on the flag while on social media. The storm of insults is not going away.

Kangana Ranaut has shocked everyone in Bollywood by chanting slogans of alleged relatives.

On TV channels, she is seen openly blaming people and if anyone tries to stop her, her social media team called ‘Team Kangana’ washes her hands and falls behind the man.

Right Now Times : Nowadays, his new target is actress Tapsi Panu, whom his sister Rangoli calls Kangana’s ‘cheap copy’. Tapsi praised Karan Johar on social media, which angered Kangana.

کنگنا، کرن جوہر، تاپسی پنوں

Right Now Times : However, now actor and politician Naghna has taken the risk of teasing Kangana.

He has posted a meme on social media in which he called Kangana an opportunist and said that she herself is a living example of nepotism which was conveyed to her by her ex-boyfriend Aditya Pancholi in Bollywood and then Mahesh Bhatt. Gave a big break in the movie ‘Gangster’.

Right Now Times : After that, her other alleged boyfriend Ratak Roshan gave her a break in ‘Crush Three’ and she and her sister have kept her as their manager.

Now Kangana’s team has got a new job and this team has started the work of sharing songs on social media.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap tried to resolve the issue between the two beauties but failed. The soul of Shant Singh Rajput must have been seeking refuge from all this commotion.

Right Now Times : Meanwhile, actor Ali Fazal, like other Bollywood celebrities, is sitting at home in lockdown. Ali Fazal also tried to play his part in this debate of ‘insiders and outsiders’ in Bollywood.

Talking to Hindustan Times, he said, “All work is stalled due to lockdown. Films are not being released. New projects are not being decided.” Even if the conditions are not favorable, you cannot give up living.

Ali Fazal has also been in the industry for ten years. Ali Fazal, who started his career in 2009 with a small role in Raj Kumar Hirani’s film Three Edits, says that being positive is the most important thing in life.

سلمان خان
Right Now Times : Fulfilling this hobby of farming, sometimes a video of him driving a tractor is posted on social media and sometimes a picture of a crop in his hands is seen.

Right Now Times : He made his mark in the movie Fakre, Bobby Jasoos and Happy Bhaag Jayegi. He also appeared in the Hollywood film Fast and Furious and starred in Victoria and Abdul.

Away from all these hustle and bustle of Bollywood, Dabangg Khan has been at his farmhouse in Panvel, near Mumbai since the lockdown, where he sometimes records songs and sometimes gives glimpses of his life at the farmhouse.

Nowadays, Tigers are cultivating rice. Fulfilling this hobby of farming, sometimes a video of him driving a tractor is posted on social media and sometimes a picture of a crop in his hands is seen.

Right Now Times : Salman’s entire farmhouse staff and his close friend Yulia Ventur are also assisting him in this task. Although after the death of Shashant Singh, his name was being dragged along with that of Karan Johar, but Chalbal Pandey seems to be drunk in his world away from all these things.

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