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Scientists: Superbugs that are worse than the Corona virus will “soon” kill 10 million people a year

Leading scientists have warned that a deadly superbug, much worse than “Covid-19”, is coming and will kill 10 million people annually, and kill 350 million people by 2050.

Shaving, childbirth, small scratches or routine operations, such as a hip replacement, will become life-threatening as medicine returns “to the dark ages”, and humans will not be able to fight any infection.

This is caused by an over-reliance on antibiotics that are about to stop working because the bacteria have become resistant to them.

Scientists described the crisis as “the biggest threat to human health, without exception.” The use of antibiotics during the coronavirus crisis also accelerates the problem.

“If you thought Covid-19 was bad, you wouldn’t want an antimicrobial resistance,” said Dr. Paul de Barrow, Director of Biosecurity Research at the Australian National Science Agency.

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating in saying that it is the biggest threat to human health, without exception. Covid-19 is not close to the potential effect of antimicrobial resistance. We will return to the dark ages of health.”

And he continued: “Simple things like scratches can kill you, childbirth can kill you, cancer treatment, major surgeries, diabetes, and all of this will often result from the use of antibiotics.”

“We will end up with tremendous pressure on the health system, exactly the kind of things you see with Covid-19,” he noted.

The World Health Organization says antibiotic resistance will cause 350 million deaths by 2050.

Indeed, at least 700,000 deaths worldwide annually are blamed for this condition, but experts believe this is an understatement. The number is expected to reach 10 million deaths annually. Scientist warns: Coronavirus pandemic “paves the way for an increase in superbugs”

Humans already rely heavily on antibiotics, and general practitioners and hospital staff are under strict guidelines to avoid prescribing unnecessary medications.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, former chief medical officer in England said: “Without effective antibiotics, would you choose routine surgery, such as a hip replacement, if the risk of dying from infection was unreasonably high or would you live with your condition? Cancer in a world without antibiotics, or will you refuse treatment? ” “If antibiotics fail, we will see a time when we all think twice about doing something simple like gardening or shaving in case we cut ourselves, and the wound becomes inflamed. Modern medicine simply will not be able to continue,” she said.

The Corona virus has killed nearly 900,000 people around the world, according to the latest WHO figures, but the real number is likely to be much higher.

Dr Andrew Kemp, an academic at Lincoln University and chair of the scientific advisory board at the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences, warns that bacteria other than “Covid-19” can adapt to survive the alcohol-based gels in hand sanitizers if we overuse them.

Source: Daily Star

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