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Saudi Arabia, Iran, then America. Al-Kazemi’s destinations to get Iraq out of its crises

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has set his sights on three sides to visit in the coming days, as he will start in Riyadh and then on to Tehran and then to Washington, in the first foreign tour of the man with heavy files.

During his visit to Washington, Al-Kazemi will continue the second round of strategic dialogue between the two countries, which was her first tour last month through “Video Conference.”

According to observers, Al-Kazemi’s upcoming tour, which begins next Monday, comes to reinforce the principle of balance in Iraq’s foreign relations, and to ease tension between competing rivals America and Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and Iran on the other.

Member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, Dr. Dhafer Al-Ani, believes that these visits come as a break from the isolation that the previous Iraqi government, headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, suffered as the Arab and Western community was “frustrated by the Iranian influence in Iraq.”

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Al-Ani told Al-Jazeera Net that the current government wants to deliver a message that it pursues a balanced policy in its foreign relations, as it is open to Arabs and Western society on the one hand and does not want to antagonize Tehran on the other hand.

He added that Iraq, in its current situation, desperately needs to cooperate with the parties that can provide tangible assistance to the Iraqis to face the financial, economic, security and health burdens facing it, which may be achieved by Al-Kazimi’s visit to America and Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ani explained that Al-Kazemi’s visit comes after the visit of French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves La Dérian to Baghdad, in which he demonstrated France and Europe’s concern for an independent Iraq with full sovereignty.

As for Al-Kazemi’s scheduled visit to Tehran, Al-Ani considered it a calming of the concerns of Iran’s allies in Iraq from an Iraqi-American-Arab alliance at the expense of Tehran.Advertising

He expressed his hope that “Al-Kazemi’s government will do everything possible to keep Iraq from being an arena for the American-Iranian conflict and tampering with the interests of the Iraqis.”

And a government statement quoted Al-Kazemi as saying to Ludrian that the French role is of great importance in supporting Iraq ready to cooperate with all countries of the world that support peace and stability, while the French minister stressed that Paris is ready to support Iraq to take its deserved regional role.

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Endeavors to balance, the
head of the Center for Political Thinking, Dr. Ihsan al-Shammari, believes that this series of visits comes to confirm the principle of balance in Iraq’s external relations and to obtain more support for the Al-Kazemi government, especially as it is going through deep crises and facing major challenges.

Al-Shammari told Al-Jazeera Net that Al-Kazemi will present himself on the basis of the possibility of relying on his person to dismantle some of the differences between Washington and Riyadh on the one hand and Tehran on the other hand, and it is in the interest of Iraq that calm prevails in the region, and that this will reflect positively on him.

He added that the three scheduled visits will carry messages that tension in the region is not in the interest of Iraq, so the visits have joint files, although he said that the issue is thorny and it may be unlikely that Iraq will accept a mediator between the different parties.

Regarding Al-Kazemi’s upcoming visit to Tehran, Al-Shammari said that Al-Kazemi will emphasize the balance in his relationship between Washington and Tehran, and that he has good relations with Tehran as a message to allies or supporters of Iran in the Iraqi interior. Used against Iran.

It is expected that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will visit Baghdad tomorrow, Sunday, before Al-Kazemi’s visit to Tehran, in response to the invitation of his Iraqi counterpart, Fouad Hussein, to consult with senior Iraqi officials.

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Relations campaign,
activist and political analyst Saeed Yassin said in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net that “Iraq is witnessing regional and international boycotts, and the Iraqi government should undertake a series of measures, including a balanced relations campaign with the boycotters, in order to achieve political, security and economic stability in Iraq.”

He adds that “the largest partner in these intersections is the United States, which has a responsibility to create a realistic environment to help Iraq, to ​​implement its obligations towards its citizens in achieving the rule of law and fighting corruption, especially since the primary goal of the Iraqi government is to hold early elections in response to the demands of the masses.” .

Yassin expressed his hope that these countries would review their policies to achieve the interests of Iraq and their interests as well, because the stability of Iraq means an end to all regional problems, and that these countries provide what can be provided for the stability of Iraq, in light of economic problems and declining oil revenues and the Corona pandemic

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