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Saudi Arabia : a rare astronomical phenomenon over the Kaaba

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah announced that the sky of the Arab world will witness more than one astronomical phenomenon linked to the moon within days, the first related to Venus, and the second with Makkah.

The association published on its official website on “Facebook”, that “a few hours before sunrise on Monday, September 14, 2020, in the sky of the Arab world, the occurrence of a crescent moon at the end of the month in conjunction with Venus, the symbol of love and beauty in the eastern horizon, will be a wonderful phenomenon that can be seen.” With the naked eye. “

She added that “Gemini stars and bright stars such as Sirius, Al-Ayyouk and Aldebaran can be spotted, in addition to the bright orange planet Mars towards the western horizon.”

And she continued: “Both the moon and Venus are located in the order of the second and third brightest objects, respectively, after the sun in the dome of the sky, so they can be seen with the onset of morning light in a beautiful view.”

She indicated that Makkah Al-Mukarramah will witness, hours after sunrise, the fourth perpendicular to the moon on the Holy Kaaba for the year 2020, as its inclination will reach the width of Mecca and its average meridian (perpendicular) at nine and 33 minutes in the morning, and the moon will be at an altitude of 89.58.40 degrees, and its disk will be lit. By 13.7% by sunlight. “

This phenomenon is used in determining the direction of the qiblah in a simple way, as the direction of the moon indicates for the residents in places far from the Grand Mosque at the time of perpendicularity to the direction of Mecca.

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