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Riots in Louisiana, USA, after the police killed a black-skinned citizen

Protests in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, turned into riots, Saturday night to Sunday, after the killing of an African-American citizen by police, according to the Associated Press.

Late on Saturday evening, dozens of people took to the streets of Lafayette, protesting the murder of Trevord Bellrin in an accident the day before, when police arrived at a store after receiving a report about a man in possession of a knife. When trying to stop him, the man ran away and the police shot him.

Eyewitnesses posted a video on social media, showing at least six policemen surrounding a young man as he tried to enter the store, and then firing about 10 shots at him from close up.

The security services launched an investigation into what the American Civil Liberties Union described as “a horrific incident of police violence against a brown-skinned person that caused his death.”

The protests in the city of Lafayette were peaceful in their beginnings, but they turned into riots as night fell, and the police were forced to use smoke bombs to disperse the participants in them, and a number of protesters were arrested.

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