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American bank: Investors heap gold

Right Now Times News : Statistics of fund flows from Bank of America showed a rush of investors over liquidity, gold and high-rated bonds, amid anticipation in the United States for Congress to approve a new stimulus.

Concerns about the fate of the package caused the exit of $ 7.4 billion from equity funds over the course of a week until Thursday, at a time when flows of European stocks also decreased, as they witnessed an exodus of one billion dollars over the past month, according to “Bank of America” ​​data.

American bank: Investors heap gold

Right Now Times News : US equity funds recorded the largest displacement in six weeks, losing 6.5 billion dollars.

Despite this, the “Standard & Poor’s 500” index is approaching a record high, as the stimulus measures already taken have helped US stock indices to outpace the selling that followed the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Right Now Times News : Gold, which broke through the $ 2,000 an ounce barrier to record highs this week, attracted $ 2.7 billion.

Meanwhile, high-rated bonds attracted $ 14.7 billion, as investors followed the example of central banks, whose purchases of bonds amount to two billion dollars per hour, according to Bank of America.

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