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Right Now Times: Gunmen attacked Pakistani stock exchange, four killed

Right Now Times: The Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, was attacked by gunmen. At least four people have died in this.

Police and rescue vehicles can be seen outside the stock exchange building in pictures being shared on local channels and social media.

Right Now Times: Apart from this, in the pictures being shared on social media, there is an atmosphere of chaos in the building of the stock exchange. Also the blood is falling on the stairs of the building.

Local TV channels are quoting from the police that at least two people have died in the attack and security forces have surrounded the building.

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has condemned the attack by tweeting.

Right Now Times: He wrote on Twitter, “I strongly condemn the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Its aim is to discredit our tough war against terror. The IG and security agencies have been instructed to ensure that the perpetrators are caught alive and their Such punishments should be given to the operators who become examples. We will protect Sindh at all costs.

Adib Ali Habib, director of the stock exchange, told GO TV that the attackers had also entered the building’s trading hall and opened fire. This caused chaos. According to him, there is a guard of the stock exchange among the dead.

Right Now Times: According to eyewitnesses, at least three attackers entered the stock exchange building with heavy weapons.

Right Now Times: The Karachi Stock Exchange is the largest stock market in the country and is situated in one corner of the busiest highway in Karachi. Everyday hundreds of people come here in connection with business and jobs. It is not clear at present whether anyone has been rescued or brought out of the building

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