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Protests in the center of the capital of Belarus : and police stopped 250 people

Belarusian police arrested about 250 people, who took part in protests today, Sunday, in the capital, Minsk, according to the authorities.

A spokeswoman for the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior stated through her channel on “Telegram”, that about 250 people were arrested in various regions of the capital, noting that “all of them used flags and other symbols not registered according to the established system, and slogans of various contents, including offensive.”

While the ministry stated that the total number of participants in the protests across the country today did not exceed 3 thousand. 

Reuters Tut.By via REUTERS/ A protest demonstration in the Belarusian capital Minsk

While the agency “Interfax” quoted eyewitnesses that thousands gathered on Istiklal Street in the center of Minsk to participate in a protest march by opposition supporters.

The agency added that the demonstrators are heading towards the “Minsk City of Championship”, where President Alexander Lukashenko is based. According to witnesses, the security forces closed the road to the monument, which is part of the memorial complex built to commemorate the events of the Soviet Union’s war against Nazi Germany, without any reports of arrests or clashes between the demonstrators and security personnel.

Belarus is witnessing a severe political crisis since the authorities announced, on August 9, that President Lukashenko won the last presidential elections after receiving 80% of the votes, which the opposition refused to acknowledge, accusing the authorities of rigging the polling results. 

The clashes between the demonstrators and the security forces left hundreds of injured people, while the authorities admitted killing three people.

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