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people were killed and 52 others arrested as a result of protests in Washington, DC

Washington Police Chief said 4 people were killed and 52 arrested after President Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to prevent Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

And at a press conference late at night, Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Conte said that 47 of the 52 arrests so far were related to violating the curfew imposed by the city mayor, and 26 people were arrested inside the Capitol building, and they were arrested. To multiple others in the possession of unlicensed or prohibited firearms.

It was also announced that two pipe bombs had been found inside the headquarters of the National Republican and Democratic Committees, in addition to Molotov cocktails (Molotov cocktails) in the Capitol building.

And Washington Police announced earlier that a woman was shot dead during the events in the Congress building last night.

The acting chief of Washington Police said that the woman who died in the capital was shot by a police officer in charge of protecting Congress, adding that investigations are underway to uncover the circumstances of the accident.

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