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One of the victims of the Nice attack in France of a foreign nationality

French media reported that one of the victims of the Notre Dame church attack in Nice was a Brazilian woman residing in France.

It appears that the 44-year-old woman, a mother of three, did not die immediately, as she was stabbed several times and managed to escape from the church to a nearby restaurant, where she died.

In addition to the Brazilian victim, the attacker beheaded a 60-year-old woman who regularly went to church, and the third victim was a 55-year-old father, who was scheduled to celebrate his birthday today, according to one of his relatives.

It is believed that the attacker is a 21-year-old Tunisian man, who arrived in Italy last September and then moved to France.

The Nice attack comes less than two weeks after the killing of the French teacher, Samuel Patti, who showed his students an insulting caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, previously published by the newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”.

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