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News : Galicia, Spain’s second region, re-imposes closures after increased infections

News : Authorities in the northwestern Spain region of Galicia have reimposed movement restrictions in the area where 70,000 people live, after an increase in HIV infections .

News : Only those who go to their business will be allowed to leave or enter the coastal district of Amarina from midnight on Sunday until Friday.

The move comes one day after the northeastern province of Catalonia imposed a similar closure.

News : Spain announced its control of the epidemic after it recorded a quarter of a million injuries and at least 28,385 deaths. Cases have decreased dramatically in the past three weeks.

Spain opened the borders to arrivals from the European Union and the United Kingdom during the summer vacation

What is happening in Galicia?

News : On Sunday, local health officials announced that entry and exit from Amarina would be heavily restricted for five days, but that movement around the area would be free.

Restrictions will be imposed on gatherings for no more than ten people, and the use of masks will be mandatory abroad.

News : Officials have linked the new outbreak of the virus to the resumption of operating bars and restaurants, which will be limited to 50 percent of its capacity.

There are now 258 HIV infections in Galicia, including 117 in the Lugo district where Amarena is, according to the authorities.

What about Catalonia?

News : The local government in Catalonia imposed a closure on an area of ​​210,000 people, following a sharp rise in cases.

The region’s president, Kim Tora, said the authorities would not allow anyone to enter or leave Sigria, a province to the west of Barcelona.

He asked visitors to the area to leave and advised the residents not to move between the regions.

News : It is reported that Catalonia is among the regions most affected by the Corona virus in Spain.

The province, which has a population of 7.5 million, has recorded 72,860 confirmed injuries, with 19 and 12,586 deaths, according to a local news agency.

Police forces are setting up barriers to enforce the closure.

News : “Some people may see this as a dramatic development, but there is a desire to strike a balance between re-running the economy and maintaining public safety,” Sarah Knights, a regional journalist, told the Right Now Times.

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