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New US Policy for Foreign Students: To what extent can Pakistani students studying in the US be affected by the new policy?

Right Now Times : Thousands of foreign students studying at US universities were shocked on Monday night when authorities announced a new policy for next semester, amending the temporary exemption for students taking online classes because of Covid 19.

Under the new policy, foreign students have been instructed to return to their home countries from the United States whose classes at educational institutions have been transferred entirely to online learning.

Right Now Times : Authorities in the United States have temporarily waived online courses in the spring and summer semesters a few months ago in response to the spread of the corona virus. Under the temporary policy, foreign students were allowed to take more illegal online courses during the Cove 19 emergency.

However, the authorities have now amended the temporary facility and announced a new policy which will be applicable from next fall semester.

Right Now Times : It should be noted that US educational institutions charge higher fees to international students than local students, while many foreign students move to the United States to study after receiving government scholarships.

Following the announcement of the new policy, students around the world are currently in a state of anxiety and where they are criticizing the new policy, there is confusion about its application. There are also concerns about students who plan to move to the United States next year or in the near future.

Right Now Times : What is the new policy, which students will it apply to and how can foreign students avoid deportation to the United States under this new policy? These are the questions covered in this report.

Which category of student visa holders will be affected?

United States

Right Now Times : If a foreign national wants to study in the United States, he or she must first obtain a US visa.

Foreign students who wish to enroll in an American school, college, university or language training program for an education are issued an ‘F’ category visa for this purpose.

Right Now Times : All students who wish to pursue non-traditional or vocational education are issued visas under the ‘M’ category.

According to a US State Department report, 2,095 Pakistani students were issued F-category visas during the fiscal year 2019, while only 26 were issued M-category visas.

These are the two categories where students can be affected by this new policy.

‘Exchange program students will not be affected’

Right Now Times : According to Sundus Ali, former in-charge of Education USA Pakistan, the policy will affect students who are studying or preparing to go to the United States on a self-financing basis and only such students will be granted F and M category visas. Is issued.

He said the new policy does not mention ‘J1’ visas. This is the category under which foreign students go to the United States under all U.S. government-sponsored educational programs. “Pakistani students studying in the United States under US government scholarships and programs will not be affected by the new policy.”

Right Now Times : He said that Pakistani students studying on scholarships offered by private universities in the United States are also given F-category student visas, so the new restrictions will also apply to such students.

Responding to a question, he said that under the scholarships offered by the government of Pakistan or the HEC, students going to the United States to study in the United States would be given a ‘J1’ visa and the new policy would not apply to such students. ۔

What is the new policy and how can affected students avoid deportation to the United States ?

Right Now Times : According to a policy issued by the US Stunt and Exchange Visitor Program, foreign students studying in US educational institutions whose visas are F-1 and M.Sc. One is that they have been instructed not to take full-time online courses because under the new policy, the State Department will not issue visas to students enrolled in educational institutions that offer full-time online education for the fall semester. While US Customs and Border Protection officials will not allow students studying in such educational institutions to enter the United States.

United States

Right Now Times : Students who are studying in educational institutions that have moved entirely online are instructed to ‘must return to their home countries’ or to take other measures to stay in the United States. And make it possible to continue education.

And the move could be for students to move from online educational institutions to educational institutions where ‘in-person classes’ are ensured.

Right Now Times : The new policy states that if students do not take these steps, they may face immigration-related consequences.

According to the second clause of the new policy, foreign students who are on F-visa and are already in educational institutions where there are ‘in-person classes’ instead of online are safe but they have been instructed to have a maximum of one. You can take classes (or three credit hours) online.

Right Now Times : Students in educational institutions where the medium of instruction is mixed, that is, online as well as in-person classes, must provide U.S. authorities with a certificate stating that foreign students must at least attend online classes. Will be asked to

Will it be easier for students to move to the institution?

Right Now Times : This will not be easy at all for students who will now have to move from online educational institutions to in-person educational institutions to secure a place in the United States.

Sandon Ali says a new semester is starting in American educational institutions from September on which a new policy will be implemented.

Right Now Times : “Many educational institutions will have completed the admission process under the September session and closed the process of new admissions, while other institutions will be close to completion,” he said. Under F category, visa is issued on the basis of I20 form issued by the specific educational institution. When students change their educational institution, they will also need I20 form from the new educational institution, which is a difficult process. Is. It will be very difficult for the students to complete all this in such a short time.

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