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Netanyahu: The Palestinians will admit that they no longer have the peace veto

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered that Arab and Muslim countries would soon join the peace agreements, and said that the Palestinians would admit that they no longer have the right to veto peace.

During his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Netanyahu added that the peace agreements would bring to our peoples the blessings of peace and the great benefits that lie in enhancing cooperation in the fields of trade, investment, transportation, tourism, and many other fields.

Netanyahu pointed out that “the good news about peace in the Middle East comes on the heels of the sharp change in the failed formulas of the past, as the Palestinians imposed over a long period of time the veto on peace between Israel and the wider Arab world.”

He said, “During decades, any progress has been repelled, and it has been a hostage to unrealistic Palestinian demands, including the demand that Israel withdraw to the 1967 lines, the demand that Israel put its security in the hands of other parties, the uprooting of tens of thousands of Jews from their homes or the absorption of millions.” From the Palestinians … the descendants of refugees from the war the Palestinians waged against Israel more than half a century ago?

He added, “Any responsible Israeli government cannot accept these demands. Yet for many years many in the international community have demanded submission to the ridiculous Palestinian demands. As a result, precious time has been wasted trying to advance an unrealistic illusion instead of seeking a practical solution,” he added. US President Donald Trump chose another path towards achieving peace, as he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and presented a practical peace plan that recognizes the right of Israel, meets Israeli security needs, and gives the Palestinians an honorable and realistic path to advance in if they make peace with Israel.

“Israel and countries throughout the Arab world stand together, not only in terms of advancing peace, but also in confronting the biggest enemy of peace in the Middle East, which is Iran,” he concluded.

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