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Moscow: We remain in contact with Washington in the Syrian arena

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed today, Friday, that Moscow maintains contacts with Washington in Syria through military diplomatic channels, despite differences over many of the files of the Syrian settlement.

“We maintain contacts, including through the military diplomatic line, and we use them to convey our views and positions to the American side and listen to their position,” Sergey Vershinin said in an interview with TASS news agency on Friday, adding that he considered these contacts useful.

Vershinin stated that Russia and the United States agree on the basic issues related to the territorial integrity and independence of Syria, noting the joint statement on Syria issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump, is still relevant.

The Russian diplomat added, “At the same time, we have said and will continue to say that the American presence in Syria is illegal, and their presence beyond the Euphrates is illegal. And to help plunder the national wealth of the entire Syrian people represented in oil, is absolutely unacceptable, and their continued control over The lands of al-Tanf, with its circumference of 55 km, are completely illegal. “

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