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Maya Diab appeals to bin Salman and raises a fuss through “Twitter”

Right Now Times News : Lebanese artist Maya Diab posted on her personal account on “Twitter” a plea to appeal to Prince Muhammad bin Salman to intervene to save Lebanon, following the explosion that destroyed the Beirut port on August 4.

Maya Diab appeals to bin Salman and makes a fuss across

Maya said in her tweet: I want one man, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is required to attend, and the order to terminate them, to end these scum.

I want one man, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad_Ben_Salman, the attendance is required and the order to terminate them is to end these trash .

Right Now Times News : The Lebanese artist commented on the tragic explosion of the port in a previous tweet on her Twitter account, saying: “In one person living with what controls the country from underground and went astray until we all landed and the country underground, the country of dogs and talking animals, a state that is already a country, crying is not enough. We want corpses, just corpses. “

Maya sparked a wave of mixed reactions on social media, with some asserting that the matter is an internal matter and that there should be no external interference, while others supported her appeal, citing the “corruption” that affected the country.

Right Now Times News : Among supporters and opponents of the Maya Diab tweet, everyone agreed that what happened was a tragedy and expressed their solidarity with the families of the victims of the explosion and with Lebanon.

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