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Lebanon : the 14-year-old girl was burned with petrol “with handcuffs” in an apartment

Lebanese local media reported a heinous crime that shook Lebanon, after a person burned a 14-year-old girl in an abandoned apartment in Burj Al-Barajneh, amid police investigations into the horrific crime.

The Lebanese Army Command announced the arrest of a citizen in the Bir al-Abed area, for setting fire to the apartment of another citizen, where the body of a citizen, born in 2006, was found, which was the cause of a dispute that broke out earlier between several relatives of the arrested in the Burj Al-Barajneh area.

According to the “Nidaa Al Watan” website, close associates and the father of the victim told the details of the crime, and the victim’s father appealed to public opinion to help him pressure the concerned authorities, so that the perpetrators of the crime would not escape punishment. The crime was carried out on a premeditated way and design. “The arrestee confessed to throwing a gallon of petrol at my daughter and setting her on fire,” says the grieving father.

He added, “What happened with my daughter is a crime witnessed by history, and there is no justice in this country. If public opinion does not pressure this issue, those concerned will evade their duties towards her.”

According to the father, his daughter had left the house days before the crime. According to her relative, they informed the security forces of the matter and awaited her return. But the shock was that the father received a call, inviting him to identify his daughter’s charred body.

Due to the great damage caused to the corpse as a result of the fire that the killer set directly in her body, the father was unable to identify his daughter’s body. He and his family waited for the results of the DNA test to make sure that his daughter was the victim of a heinous crime. Due to the subsequent damage to the body as a result of its burning, the forensic doctor was unable to determine whether the girl had been subjected to sexual assault before her murder. And perhaps this is the reason that prompted the criminal to burn the child, as it is likely that she was subjected to sexual assault before he was burned, thinking that he was thus surviving by his act.

Despite his great tragedy, the father hopes that investigations will reveal that his daughter was killed before she was cremated, so perhaps she suffered less pain from the burning pain before her death.

It is likely that the father is tied with his hands at the time of its burning

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